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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
― John Lennon



Dede Starts Working For You Immediately

Having the opportunity to be your Realtor means the world to me.  As you may already know, I work diligently, quickly, & stay true in working day & night for you until you find what you are looking for in Real Estate.


With that said there are a few things that are important in working with me.  Taking a few minutes to read through this is a small price to pay when it comes to finding your home, so please read through:



1)  Always always mention that you have a Real Estate Agent.  Whether you walk into an apartment, a new home community, or an open house in your neighborhood.  My work is never ever paid for until you get into a home. 


2)  Keep me in the loop.  As communication is the key to any relationship; it's especially important when you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life.  So, keep me in the loop & I will inform you of everything you need to know about the process & it's findings.


3)  Playing ball; in any working relationship there is always the back & forth in accomplishing paper work & answering questions.  I like to refer to it as "Playing Ball".  I will throw the ball into your court & you throw the ball back into my court & then we are playing ball.  I am not one to continue reaching out without a response as you may not appreciate that either.  So, let's play ball & in a timely fashion - accomplish the tasks needed by each party.


4)  MY OPINION - Use Zillow or Trulia as information on properties ONLY - not as a source to find properties that are available.  It has been proven to have properties for sale on it that are not for sale.  So as not to waste anyone's time, especially your own stick with the KW App, my KW website at, the KW Portal that I will email you a link to, & LAST possibly which is useful to find properties on the market but it still has an update lag when properties are put on the market or taken off.  Keep it simple, just use ONE - the KW Portal I email to you.


5)  Keep in mind Real Estate Agents have up to 24 hours to update a new contract on a listing.  If you see something you like I will still need to call & find out if it's already under contract.  Many homes are already shown inter-office before they make it to MLS. 


6)  When you see a home that has the criteria you like but it doesn't have photos; use Google Earth or to help see a location if there are no pictures of it.  You can see road shots & satellite photos of an area that you might be considering or simply drive by.  Sometimes a home in poor condition, undergoing face lift, not vacant, not cleaned, or the Realtor just hasn't gotten photos done yet.


7)  Make sure to save money for the overlay in paying rent/mortgage in two places if applicable. 


8)  Save your major purchases for after you move in.  (cars, appliances, etc.)


9)  For the Buyer:  Any small debts, $500 credit card etc.  possibly pay off now - your lender may have already talked to you about this. 



1) Download the Keller Williams App onto your Smart devices from your App store.  Once downloaded type in or copy this code into the corresponding field.  kw1hmzqe5.  This way you can search & easily share properties you like to me; your Realtor.  Use this mobile app while you are driving around & in front of a listed property.  It will show you all the information immediately.  Use this app at home when you are relaxing & searching for properties across the world; like Hawaii.


2) Save these two sites. Everything I have mentioned & much more are here including referral's for home projects & more. 

Dede's Real Estate Information Page

Working With Dede


3) Sign up at the Keller Williams Portal that I will email you.  Once you do that, you will get listings from me.  If you like something.  Hit the heart button so it will save it for me to view.  ONLY SAVE properties that match your criteria in location, price, & requirements. 


This page will be updated as more information becomes available in the process of all Real Estate I do.


Thank you for choosing Dede Croy for your Realtor!

USAF Veteran Owned & Operated






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