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Alice Austin

I met Alice when I worked at a Veterinarian office as a groomer.  She had Randy & Rusty at the time.  It didn't take long for our similar Air Force attitudes to hit it off and I had found an amazing friend!  Over the years I had seen her through losing Randy & Rusty.  Coaching her through the loss and how to cope & how to make sure you keep your pets with you when they pass.  Her first puppy loss was so painful the Vet didn't even talk to her about keeping him or getting a cremation - she regretted that after all the tears.  I saw her as the life of the party.  I was there monthly as her pet groomer; when she brought Sophie home & at just about every friendly gathering she had.  She attended all of my parties & house warmings - that is until 8pm or so because it was past her bed time.  She was definitely an early riser.  The only person who would text you at 5am.  I never knew I'd lose my friend so fast.  I love you Alice; I will never forget you, Dede

2/2/15 In loving Memory!

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