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Pet Grooming Tips


Each pet is different & has his or her own set of needs when it comes to grooming.  Some pets need to be groomed bi-monthly.  Some pets we will see only every month, every three months, or even just once a year.  All the needs of pet grooming & prices of a pet grooming rely on a few facts about the pet such as;


Age - matters in the sense if I'm working with a senior pet it may need a different amount of time to complete its groom, it may need special tools compared to a younger pet, & it may require a private, more quiet grooming environment which we can allot for as needed.


Temperament - matters because a very aggressive pet that is outright mean and trying to attack me while the grooming is being done should almost always be a super short military style buzz cut so the pet does not have to endure this procedure as often as a different pet would.  We can handle these pets.  Depending on the size of the pet & the severity of the situation the pet parent may be asked to assist so no one is injured.  A snapping pet can bite a pair of scissors, lunge at a pair of clippers, or worse bite me and attack me; so depending on the scenario we can take the appropriate actions in accomplishing the pets groom.  But, likely, a full & short hair cut will be advised.    


Coat type - Each pet has different types of hair & different types of hair needs.  Some pets may need a full grooming; meaning a hair cut. Where as some pets may only need to come in every other time for additional brush time.  Depending on what your pets needs are I will brief the Pet parent in my opinion on how often we should see one another.


Pet Parents Needs - Some Pet Parents need less hair in their home environments, some Pet Parents work a lot & do not spend time brushing their pets as may be needed with the type of pet he/she may have.  So, on occasion I have recommended what I call a low maintenance hair cut where again we do a short cut so your revolving pet grooming schedules runs every three months.  All this can & usually is determined on our first grooming appointment.  Brushing takes time & even some Pet Parents who thought they wanted a long, flowing hair style for their beautiful Shih Tzu may eventually opt for a short hair cut that keeps that matts from occuring & provides their family with more quality time rather than work time.




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