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 How I Groom:
 I offer one-on-one grooms. 

I work on one pet at a time. 

It is usually a very quiet environment & stress free for your pet, however Saturdays are our busiest day so unless we need a private, you'll see more action on that day than most other days. 

I specialize in senior, special care, aggressive, & disabled pets. 

Due to the average 1-Hr Groom & 30 minute pick up window - appointments must be prompt (not too early, but not late).  

There is a 24-hour cancellation requirement.

Groom times are by appointment only am- pm. Book your appointments in advance.  

Current clients book their appointments for the year so our schedule usually takes 2 weeks to get in. 

I don't believe in caging any pets for many hours. 

I don't cage dry pets. 

I take my business & the care of your pets VERY Serious

I value your time and my own.

All appointments require a credit card hold. If you do not give me a 24 hour cancellation notice or do not show up there is a $25 fee per pet (for salon grooms). I love what I do by grooming one pet at a time. Therefore, I value your time and the time I dedicate for each pet. Happy Pets are healthy Pets!


(I wish I didn't have to have fees. It took 10 years and a lot of time lost to realize my value and now I MUST follow through on the fees).


1) Over 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment $10
2) Flea Charges START at $20 - $100 +

(going up depending on how many fleas your pet brings into my salon - flea eggs can last 3 years without hatching!).


4) $25 PER PET FEE If you did not give 24 hour notice.  24 HOUR CANCELLATION REQUIRED
5) $20 petsitting charge if you leave your pet 1 hour or longer after the groom is complete.

6) We take Cash or Check.

7) Pets that are AGGRESSIVE, MATTED, DISABLED, & SENIOR may incur additional cost based off their needs. 



1) ALL pets MUST be current on ALL VACCINATIONS

(CANINE: rabies, DHPP (meaning distemper & parvo), bordetella.  FELINE: Rabies & Feline Distemper (FHCPCh, FeLV)



1) You text me a photo of the vaccinations. 

2) You text me your name, your pets name, your phone number on file with your Veterinarian, and your Veterinarians phone number.  It can take up to 3 days this way, but I can call your vet.  

3) Email me your pets vaccinations



1st Time

The 1st time you do a no call no show or the 1st time you do not give a 24 hour notice when

cancelling an appointment the fees will be added to your next groom. 


2nd Time

The 2nd time you do a no call no show or the 2nd time you do not give a 24 hour notice when

cancelling you will ALWAYS need to have a credit card to hold your appointment.  



Let's really talk about this.  I don't think most people understand.  If YOUR pet is going to bite during grooming, this is aggression.  If YOUR pet is aggressive, the dangers of doing a full body hair cut increases for the pet and for the groomer.  MOST groomers do NOT want to have a hand or face injury from their career.  It can be the end of his/her career.  When it comes to Aggressive dog grooming, I do them.  The cost is higher.  Average starting rate is $150 for small dogs and $200 for large dogs.  WHY!?  Because I might get injured, the pet might injure itself, and I am one of very few groomers that will let you handle your pet during the grooming.  A groomer needs to do the full hair cut, if possible.  Holding an aggressive dog and managing to groom the pet is nearly impossible and unsafe.  WHOM better to have then the pets OWN pet parent. 

The Pet KNOWS YOU!  I am usually a last resort to a senior aggressive pet.  If you have been sedating your pet for years or maybe just a few times and you see your pet suffering when he/she comes home, not himself/herself, mopy, etc.  You personally see the affects of sedated grooming and you know it's just a matter of time that your beloved furbaby might not come out of sedation the same pet, then I am an option for your pets grooming.  It's a tough choice.  But, understand, the amount you'll pay for pet grooming with sedation can be about the same amount for grooming alone since there is so much danger and so much as risk for the groomer.  On top of that, in almost EVERY aggressive dog groom I do, it's RARE for me to knick or cause injury and I have groomed some severely mean dogs over the last 15 years.  The expertise of someone willing and able to groom your aggressive dog is essential!  From poking an eye out to slicing an ear, there are MANY dangers in grooming, especially adding aggression, rapid flicking to bite the groomer, swinging back to bite a groomers face, sudden jolts and jumps while having scissors in ones hand.... all that you'll have to see face to face to understand the difficulties.  I have been a #1 referral from more than 10 Veterinarian Clinics and multiple groomers in the DFW Metroplex.  Your appointment will be booked privately and we will groom quickly and we may skip blow drying as needed.  This reduces stress on the already aggressive animal.  

Call for more information. 817-676-1585




Services Available

Pet Sitting
(Home location varies call for quote, prices may change at any time)
Clipper Rental with Grooming Kit:
$45 for 24 hours. Anything over 24 hours is additional day (s).  Have credit card and state I.D. or passport at pickup.  A $100 hold is placed on your card and refunded after drop off and all equipment in same condition as rented.  If clippers are damaged, fee is rental fee plus cost of item at $234.95 +tax and you will be given the clipper to keep and have serviced. Damaged blade fees are the current price of a blade, check that daily rate, average $26 per blade.  If you have never used a clipper, I advise booking a clipper training class first at $50 for one hour.  You are renting the clipper and it's parts and you are 100% responsible and you hold no liability to My Favorite Groomer LLC or Dede Croy for any damages done to yourself or any pet.  My Favorite Groomer LLC is not responsible for ANY human or pet related injuries you do to your pet or others pets.  Dede always recommends 3 year minimum training and working in pet industry to be a groomer. 

You will received, the Andis 5 speed clipper, two 10 blades which is a military buzz cut, Andis Clipper Spray with this rental.  

Rental of other products is available, inquire within.  Fees may change based on your rental agreement.  

A release video will be done at time of check out.  

Groom Classes
One on one classes available, call for prices.

Groom Costs
Internet and Phone Quotes are just that; a quote.  Not seeing your pet it's hard to give you a guaranteed cost of 
grooming.  Costs are based on size of pet, consistency of grooms, hair and coat condition, matting, flea 
situation, & temperament of pet.  Package includes Bath, Hair Brushing, Ears Cleaned, Toe Nails Trimmed, & 
Hair Cut.  On average this is what some costs may run if no other circumstances apply:


Bathe Your Own Pet Available (it's uncommon, so ask for prices)

CANINE Starting Cost examples (We need to see DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies)


Afghan $75+ Airedale Terrier $150+ Akita $200+ Alaskan Malamute $200 

American Eskimo $75+ American Stafford Terrier $65+ Australian Cattle Dog $95+ Australian Shepherd $90+  Basenji $80+ Basset Hound $50+  Beagle $40+  Bearded Collie $100+ Belgian Sheepdog $100+

Bernese Mountain Dog $150+ Bichon Frise 75+ Blood Hound $70+ Border Collie $85+ Borzoi $70+

Boston Terrier $40+ Boxer $65+ Brittany $85+ Bull Terrier $55+ Bull Dog $55+ Bull Mastiff $100+

Cairn Terrier $70+ Cavalier King Charles $70+ Chihuahua $40+ Chinese Crested 40+ Chinese Shar-pei $85+ Chow Chow $125+ Cocker Spaniel $80+ Collie $100+ Dachsund $40+ Dalmatian $70+ Doberman Pinscher $70+ English Setter $80+ English Springer Spaniel $85+ English Toy Spaniel $70+ Fox Terrier $65+

French Bull Dog $45+ German Shepherd $180+ Golden Retriever Shave $135+ Gordon Setter $85+

Great Dane $80+ Great Pyrenees $200+ Greyhound $70+ Husky $150+ Irish Setter $80+ Irish Terrier $80+

Italian Greyhound $65+ Jack Russell Terrier $45+ Japanese Chin $70+ Keeshond $100+

Labrador Retreiver $80+ Labradoodle $150+ Lhaso Apso $70+ Maltese $70+ Mastiff $90+

Miniature Pinscher$40+ New Foundland $200+ Old English Sheepdog $150+ Papillon $68+

Pekingese $70+ Pointer $75+ Pomeranian $70+ Poodle Miniature $70+ Poodle Standard $150+ Pug $40+

Pug Shave $65+ Rhodesian Ridgeback $95+ Rottweiler $95+ Saint Bernard $100+ Samoyed $150+

Schnauzer Miniature $80+ Scottish Terrier $80+ Shetland Sheepdog $95+ Shih Tzu $70+

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier $90+ Staffordshire Bull Terrier $65+ Weimaraner $65+ Welsh Corgi $70+

West Highland Terrier $85+ Whippet $40+ Wire Fox Terrier $70+ Yorkshire Terrier $70+


FELINE (We need to see feline Distemper and Rabies)

Feline Bath and / or shave down starts at $150+



It takes a lot of work to groom pets.  Sometimes it's not the exact hair cut that we want but it might be the best cut for the pet in the situation that pet was brought in.  Keep this in mind when viewing the photos above,  each pet groom has it's own scenario.  Whether the pet was neglected and seriously matted or the pet just got rescued.  Either way having a clean and healthy pet is completely a great feeling when accomplished!

Grooming Add-On Menu


Ala Carte - We will do any Ala Carte on any services you need; face trim only, feet only, Face Feet & Sanitary Packages Only, Ear Plucking Only, etc.  Call for quote.


Upgraded Shampoo     We use the best. Organic, Vegan, & Tea Tree Shampoo &/or Conditioner is additional

Conditioner                                        $0  We use conditioner free of charge

                                                                (Pet Silk)
Tooth gel application                          $8
Fancy Bows                                         $5
Ear Flushing                                       $8/$15 (extreme cases)
Anal Gland Expression (internal)       $25 (Vet trained)
Toe Nail Trim                                     $14 /25 (based on pet & vaccinations)
Toe Nail Dremel                                 add $10 to toe nail trim (ala carte)
Shave Only Grooms starts at              $50 (no bath no toe nails)
Apply Flea Treatment                         $5
Flea Charges vary by size                   $20+ (includes flea shampoo, capstar)

Dry Skin / Allergy soak /                   
Medicated Soak (small pets)               $15+ add to groom cost

All prices do not include taxes.

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