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Dede's Short Personal Biography:
I grew up in a United States Air Force (USAF) family and have lived in all parts 
of the world from Japan to California.  I enlisted in the USAF right out of High 
School.  It also took me to places around the world like Germany and Guam.  
After I got out of the USAF I traveled some more and found my way right here 
to Fort Worth, TX.  With the move to Texas I found my true passion was 
working with pets. I worked for a couple different pet industry employers when I 
finally decided to start my own pet grooming business.  I graduated college with a 
Bachelor's in International Business.  I have worked in Government positions and 
many jobs in the service industry.  I started My Favorite Groomer in June 2005.
In September 2008 I decided that my happiness in working with pets 
outweighed all other jobs I had at the time (USAFR and FAA).  I then decided to go full time with my grooming business.  In the mean time My Favorite Groomer became an LLC.  In 2014, after being in a warehouse building since 2005 I finally landed myself a really nice store frontage. In this space I invented the products to help senior and disabled dogs stand while being groomed.  I also got my Real Estate license in the state of Texas.  I kept going and worked along side Veterinarians to offer free and or low cost services to those that needed it.  I did that every weekend and some during the week for over 10 years.  In about about 2015 or so I stopped doing those weekend events as I had a need to be grooming in my salon on those weekends.  I kept pushing myself to groom everyone that needed to be groomed. 

In 2020, I closed that location and chose not to groom any dogs until we knew what the pandemic would and could do to the human race. At this time I was running my online store.  It was so busy because Betty and I had been making face masks for years before the need for US Citizens to wear face masks as a mandate came to pass.  We made so many face masks in 2020, it was unreal.  We gave some away and we provided face masks across the planet!  Thank you Betty!  By the end of 2020 I was finally accepting a few grooms because the dogs I groomed, aggressive and disabled, needed it more than ever, and I got a few in, before that location was completely empty and shut down.  I would then groom from my home until I felt confident in going back to a store front.  In 2021 I just couldn't live and work in my home and funtion, so with God and only God, I reopened in a massive building.  The rent is HUGE, but God has a plan and I'm following it.  This building is able to handle the space needed for DogUp Stand products, my grooming, my online store, and petsitting! I have space for the studio, recording, and rescuing animals that come to me.  I have space to allow my own animals to come to work with me and I have space to conduct much business that it takes to keep everything moving. I have the space to offer the kind of grooming that needs space where the pet owner can sit, wait, and watch and even participate!  

Little ol' Me is still working at a fast pace, busting bum all by myself lonesome to help the pets that need it the most.  With God in my everyday, I am able to sustain.  We face a time where people that are working hard are working hard enough for the people not wanting to work and not working.  It has been extremely hard to find help and support, so Team Dede, my closest friends and family, fans, subscribers, supporters, and shoppers have helped me continue to make it, and I am not joking!

Other joys I have in life are teaching, traveling, networking, traveling to groom dogs that can't get groomed, dancing, writing, motorcycling (which I haven't done in years), fishing (which I haven't done in years), spending time with friends (which is hard when most of my real friends live in other states), cooking (which I try to do a couple times a week) helping others (which is my daily life), working too much (which shows in my content) and enjoying the little time I have left with my pets.  But, I have learned so much to be able to tell you, DO NOT LET YOUR WORK MANAGE YOUR LIFE, ENJOY IT AS YOU GO, OR YOU MAY FIND IT PASSED YOU ALL TOGETHER AND BY THE TIME YOU TAKE TIME FOR YOU, YOUR BODY ISN'T CAPABLE OF DOING ALL THE THINGS YOU WANTED TO DO WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD! 

I like to excuse my own over worked lifestyle by saying, I love what I do and I do what I love everyday as the best I can.  Gaming, Exercise, Eat Right, Work hard, Eat desserts by portion control, Help Others, Defend my Work, Stand and Kneel to God Daily, and I hope that this helps me live the best kind of life, so my next life will be so so much easier!  Thank you for your time in reading this.  Updated 6/4/22

"Live your dreams"  

Thanks for reading a little about me, Dede

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