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1)  Are you Prequalified with a Prequalification Letter?  You must be prequalified in order for me to show you homes. 

Yes - Have it with you when we meet.

2)  No - Call my number one Lender Referral or apply online.  Take 15 minutes out of your day to get prequalifed.

Linda Mister

817-924-8501 WORK

817-313-1278 CELL

877-497-0623 FAX

2813 S. Hulen St. Ste. 225

Fort Worth TX 76109


3)  When does Prequalification Letter Expire?


4)  For My Safety Copy of Driver's License or Identification Card will be obtained prior to any home showings. 


5)  Your Housing Needs:


Your Housing needs - give me the least and most in your answers:



Deal Breakers-

School district matter?

Approval amount $_____________?

You want to live close to work- what is your work address?

What radius would you prefer on your home to work commute? 

What radius would you be willing to drive for the right property?

What zip codes or cities would you consider living in outside the radius question?

Sq. Ft preference?

Pet needs?


6)  If you live in an apartment now have you given your written notice yet?  99% of all leases need a WRITTEN NOTICE if not you might want to just give a written notice & take note to when it was dropped off & to whom. 


7)  In the ____k range are you prepared to have some repairs in your home and how much of a project home would you get into?  More of make ready or something that needs some work?  Do you have any contractor experience where you can fix plumbing etc. at no labor costs if the right deal came up?



Available Times for all parties to Look at Properties at the same time

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -



Most houses are not on the market for more than a few days to a couple weeks if they are decent properties.  The process is this; we see a house you like & you look at the specs online & on google maps per say (look at the neighborhood & neighbors) & you want to see it.  I call the agent make sure the house doesn't have offers or already under contract.  If the house is not under contract I set up an appointment with you & your spouse (if applicable).  You view the house & love it.  We make an offer based on what the area is going for & what the home is being sold at.  Then we wait for a response.  We may negotiate back & forth on the rate.  Once accepted we submit option money.  Depending on funding (cash or lender) we may need to move forward with lenders required inspection.  We have much paperwork to complete and tasks to complete before closing.  Depending on loan type closing time can fluctuate. 






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