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Coping with the loss of a pet is one of the hardest times to come to bare.  

The times remembered are like those of videos that stream in your mind all through 

the day.  You relapse and move on for only minutes before you miss and 
remember again.

Take the time to keep those pictures of your furry family member around.  
When you get sad, compliment that emotion with a smile and tag it with a funny
memory.  The way your pet used to dig in the garbage, mess in the house, dig 
holes, eat (gross things), vomit on the carpet, chew up your favorite shoe or 
homework, shed everywhere.  Attach those thoughts you have with any funny 
memory that used to make you mad.  Hold onto extreme moments of sadness 
and save them for yourself later, when you are alone.  This can help you get 
through your day and back to your life's schedule.

Initially upon the loss, you should take some time ( a few days) to remember and
recap the life you had with your furry friend.  Keep it in your heart in a safe, 
secret spot and let your new angel take the pain away.

The pain of the loss, will over the years develop into a comfortable memory that 
you will no longer grow sad when thinking about, but rather, grow happy and 
smile. Whether it is in the day at work or in the middle a lonely nights; the times
you had a warm fuzzy family member snuggle against you and keep you 
company during those relationship break ups and wine filled evenings, you will 

It will take time for the pain to be comfortable.  It will take time to realize your 
life will go on.  But, always remember those you lose to our cycle of life.  It is 
that of the memory's that keep our closest friends and family around.

Thank you for reading,
Dede Croy

Dedicated to my Little Dukester     

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