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About Me

I grew up in a United States Air Force (USAF) family and have lived in all parts of the world from Japan to California. I enlisted in the USAF right out of High School. It also took me to places around the world like Germany and Guam.  

Love My Clients

What Pet Owners Say

"Amazing job"

"She is so caring"

"Very Knowledgeable"

"We had been calling around looking for a cat groomer and couldn't find anyone that was available for months out. Dede got us in the same day and did an amazing job and she is extremely friendly! I would highly recommend her."

John R.

"My dog has been seeing Dede since he was just a pup (9 yrs.). We keep coming back because she is so caring and loving to Barkley! She gives him a great cut every time, he's never been nicked either. Amazing since he's a wiggle worm.

I love that she only keeps him an hour and get the job done. I can't stand the places that keep your dog all day and groom 10 dogs at a time.

Dede also recognizes that he is getting older and slightly grumpy. Just like me."

"Dede is the greatest! She has groomed my little guy since he was a pup (he's now three years). He is very high maintenance. His breed is Coton de Tulear which pretty much stands for long hair that mats easily. She keeps him looking beautiful. I love that I don't have to leave him all day while he waits for grooming. He is only there for the amount of time it takes for his bath and comb out. The real testimonial is that he loves her.

She is very knowledgeable about pet problems and has helped me many times avoid a vet visit for something minor."

Merry G.

Nicole C.

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