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Grooming Kits

Order Kits here built for ease.  We put these in packs for you to help you make the shopping easier.

Aggressive Dog Grooming

All the tools I use for Aggressive Dog Grooming

Brushes and Combs

Brushes and Combs I use during grooming and more.

Business Services

Become a business, buy business items, learn, grow yourself; for the business thinkers.


Carrier & Travel

Pick Carriers for your pets.  All kinds whether its around your body, like a suitcase, or a purse.

Clippers - Blades - Accessories

Clippers and Blades I use and sell.

Clothes & Toys

Clothes and toys for your pet. Clothes are up and coming as we move from one site to another.

Cat Everything

Everything for Cats from food to toys.  More loaded daily as we grow this collection.

Dog Treats & Food

I am picky on the food and treats I sell, heres what I have found I am proud to sell.  

DogUp Stand

The DogUp Stand that helps me have less fatigue, groom faster, and helps the pet stand up for health and ease of the grooming.  Be sure to check the sizes.

DoTerra Oils & More

I love DoTerra oils for myself and my salon because of the types of pets I groom; aggressive and disable. 


Here are the dryers I use.  Having the right tools to make your life easier in the grooming salon.  Dry faster and more efficient.

Ear & Teeth & Face

Find what I use on the pets here.  For ear cleaning or how to keep the teeth in good maintenance.

Flea & Tick

What I have been trained to use for fleas and ticks in the salon and home.  Do your best not to spread these little creatures to other pets in your care. 

Gift Card & Prepay

Pay in advance or buy your gift cards here for someone else.  Great gifts for product or grooming.  


We travel the world for grooming.  We pick up some really cool gifts that I bring home with me so I can share them here with you!  Support your locals.

Groomer Masks

I support handmade masks, but I also have found all kinds of masks for you to try.  Take care of your lungs, no one else will.  Protect what you breathe in.  

Grooming Apparel

Smocks and more.  Support  us here by wearing our shirt and talking about what we do.  

Grooming Equipment

Having the right equipment can save your back while you groom.  Whether you are a groomer or a pet parent.  


An area for pet health and for human health.  It's kind of unspoken of, so let's remember, health is so important!

Leashes & Collars

A great place to pick up a collar or leash, or a kit built for you.  I love the martingale collars as they tighten up when needed only.


Everything I use for pet nail trimming and more! We put them in kits for you too.  I have tried many nail clippers and these are my favorite so far.


A spot I saved for all those random things I had no other place to put.  I hope this helps you no matter what!

Shampoo & Finishes

Here are the products I use on the pets when we bathe them.  From sprays, oils, to shampoos, conditioners, and colognes, even kits are available too!

Shears / Scissors

All the shears I use and offer for those DIY'ers out there.  There is a place for you to start and a place to grow from. 


The bestplace for you to get used items.  Sometimes I have used them just once, so you might get a steal!  Keep an eye on this area! 

Top Sellers

Saved this for last, it's what most shoppers LOVE on our site. Be sure to see as this area grows! 


Everything video and photo related for entertainment purposes can be found here.  


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