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Dede Croy Realtor

"Kristy's  Pampered Paws Mobile Groomer"
Parts of Fort Worth, Arlington,  Irving




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Dallas Grooming


Mobile Groomer

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Highland Park, University Park, certain areas near 635.

Paws & Claws Petsitting

Cares for Yard & Pets

Canine Pawsitive Touch

Massage & Wellness 214-437-6204

Some things I believe in:
I am a huge recycler and try to do my part in our worlds upkeep.  I try my hardest to buy Made in USA products.  I can't always get what we need, but I do try to notice.  I support our community and donate free services to rescue groups and try to support as many 
fundraisers as I can.  I offer free grooms to pets that are in severe need for help to rescue groups that work with pets regularly.  Occasionally I give those free grooms to clients who countlessly pick up strays.  We are all in it together and we need each other. I also am trying my best to move away from plastics since they have created an island in our Pacific Ocean.  I am conscious about the food us humans are raising and have decided to be as organic as I can.  All of these things are complicated but we have to try to do our best.  Let me know if you need any tips.  I'm finding to be the resource for many of you when it comes to being green. 
I also enjoy to donate lightly used items and specifically know that Second Glance at 6308 Rufe Snow Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76148 has a program for battered women so I like donating there. 

Donation Centers:



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