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This is my favorite spray bottle.  I send it to you with a bottle of "The Stuff" Conditioner that I use in it on my YouTube channel.  Great for wetting the pets hair in a squirt or spray fashion.  Great for a light spray all over after grooming, or right before brushing a pet, or before bathing.  Great for a groomer or pet owner.  You can use other solutions in this spray bottle such as water and I've heard, cologne, and cleaners.  Use your own discretion. Choose the 16 oz ready to use or the 12 oz concentration and follow the directions on the bottle for dilution.  Or get the 4 oz concentrate on another listing.  If you get the low cost option, slowly fill the bottle up with water, not too fast and leave enough space in the bottle to put the lid back in.  Then later, come order the 4 oz refill only. All Sales Final. 

COMBO Kit Spray Bottle and The Stuff Leave in Conditioner

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