Each blade costs $10 to sharpen.  Pay for each blade by choosing the quantity you are going to send me for sharpening.  Your blade will be sharpened by a certified tech at a local distributor we have in Fort Worth TX.  We will deliver your blade, have it sharpened, pick it up, then send it back to you.  For example, choose quantity x 3 if you are sending us 3 blades.  3 Blades x $10 = 30.

When shipping to me, you want to make sure they don't get bumped and thrown and bounce and break.  It doesn't matter how you wrap it all up, because they need to be sharpened.  But, once sharpened, you will get them back snug, to keep the balancing on them.  But dull blades, it doesn't matter, they are going to be taken apart.  But, making sure they don't bounce and break each other, you can bundle wrap them.  You also don't want them to bounce around and break teeth during shipping.  And if you're sending a lot, you may still like to add insurance just in case they lose all your blades.

Keep in mind, the service tech may let us know when a blade is unable to be sharpened.  If so, we will email you or call you to ask you what we'd like to do.  So, when checking out, please DO put your phone number and email and make sure they are correct.  Please ensure your shipping address is also correct.  


Please send blades for sharpening to My Favorite Groomer, LLC., 4364 Western Center Blvd. #141, Fort Worth, TX 76137

Be sure to put a note in the package explaining how to get ahold of you and what you'd like done.  

Call me - 817-676-1585 if you have questions.


Turn around time is 10-15 days due to covid-19 but may be shorter.


I am a huge recycler, if you have blades you don't use, that you need to recycle, I will do just that.  All metal is recyclable.  You can find a metal recycle drop off near you.  It's usually a place where people take cans too.  Be as earth friendly as possible.  We only have 1.


Blade Sharpening - You send to us