I founded My Favorite Groomer LLC. because of the excitement, joy, and love I have 
for pets.  I wanted to provide services different in my own personal way.  I love 
what I do and you can tell!  My goal is for pet parents to feel confident that their 
pet is in caring and reliable hands.  


My services are MUCH different than those of any other salon I have seen.  

I offer 1-hour grooms (based on size and condition of coat) with pick up 30 minutes after completion.  This eliminates the hardship of your pet being caged for hours.  

I do not CAGE DRY pets.  Meaning, I do not put a cage dryer hooked to the front of the pets cage while I groom other pets.  

Sometimes folks use several cage driers and this could devastate and harm a pet. Therefore if your pet is extremely aggressive with the blow dryer we will not force them to suffer through this. I believe a damp pet is better than a traumatized one.


As part of my business practice, I discuss any findings on your pet with you before you leave and make any suggestions in regards to the health of your pet to keep you 

informed (during and after the groom).  I've worked at Veterinary offices and have experience in finding cancers, gingivitis, heart disease, abscess teeth, teeth health, worms, ruptured anal sacs, skin allergies, paw allergies, and more.  Although I am not a Veterinarian by any means, I can refer you to more than two clients where I've spotted real CANCER and they were able to help their pet get onto meds and have them around a little longer.  I have also sent 1000's of clients over the years to several local Veterinarians to care for their pets' teeth problems. 


I truly love what I do and I want to be the one to share with you anything that I think might go unnoticed with your family pet."The joy of being a part of you and your pets lives is unexplainable.








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