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September 2010 Newsletter
September Special put a "My Favorite Groomer" bumper sticker found at the store on your car and get 
1$ off your pets groom.  Put a larger "My Favorite Groomer: sticker on your car window (must go for 
install) and receive 20$ off your next groom.  (stipulations apply)
Announcements:  Grooms for September are limited due to a groomers class I'm taking so book early or 
late in September for your pets groom.  
Get ready for October's Pet Halloween Costume Customer Appreciation Party.  It will be a huge blast as it
has been for YEARS!  Get your pets ready.                                                (customer appreciation; adults 
and pets only, invites will go to current grooming client list if you haven't come in for grooming and you 
want to make sure you're on it, please reply with your mailing address and phone number).
11Sept10-     10am-3pm-Pet Palooza (I will have a booth here, HUGE event) at First Monday Grounds in 
Weatherford, Texas; main event is honoring 2 & 4 legged first responders.    
18Sept10-     830am-1:00pm-Basset Hound Shuffle & Games- Chisholm Park 2200 Norwood Dr. Hurst, 
18Sept10-     10:00am-4pm-Wags and Waves- Hawaiian Falls 4550N. Garland Ave., Garland TX
25Sep10-      10:00am-2pm-Adopt a Shelter Pet "Pet Fair"-Trinity High School front parking lot  500 N. 
Trinity Blvd, Euless TX.  Garage Sale, Pet Photos, Dog Bathing, Low Cost Clinic 10-1pm, Pet Contetsts.
9Oct10-        10:00am-2pm Barktoberfest at Fort Woof
17Oct10-       11:00am-4pm  14th Annual Pug-O-Ween at Grapevine Convention Center

Find me on FACEBOOK (befriend Dede Croy).  I use Facebook daily; your pet photos, groomer tips, your
pet videos, pet events, and more can be found there.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic:

Read Dukes Memorial Today; you won't regret it!

Tip of the Month:
Brushing Your Pet
Did you know that if there is a knot in your dogs hair and the hair gets wet and dry over and over you are 
creating a matt.  So, brush before and after you bathe your pet.  
Brushing properly means having the right brush.  Zoom Groom or Uni Groom brush for short hair 
Labrador type dogs.  Wire Bristle Brush with angeled ends for other furry dogs like Shih-Tzu and 
Poodles.  Both I carry here at the shop.  Believe me, there is actually a technique to this.  You musn't 
brush just the top layer.  You must brush from the skin out all over.  Start from the back legs and draw 
yourself an invisible line 1" above the paw.  Then pull the hair down from the skin out and brush until no 
snags pull on the brush.  Continue this routine until you are at the neck of the dog.  Then repeat on the 
other side of the pet.  Feel between the toes and make sure matts are not bunching up in there.  If so, cut
them out carefully.  Feel under and between the pads where hair can get long too.  If you have matting 
there brush and cut out as well.  If you are cutting any hair out WATCH OUT FOR SKIN.  I am here for 
any task of cutting, call me if you must 817-676-1585.  Check behind the ears and brush matts out of this 
area.  If your pet isn't liking the brushing do not give in.  Consistency, treats, and positive reinforcement 
are going to be your best friend to get your pet used to this.  If you give in, your pet will forever use the 
same technique to get out of brushing.  Some other tips may be that you need to have a collar and leash 
on your pet so he/she is obeying you while you brush.  Possibly even putting your pet on a table standing 
up while you brush so it's not associated to "fun" time.  Also, a rotating collar around the neck can cause 
matting.  If your pet is surely not going to get away, bolting through the door for instance possibly give 
that neck a rest by taking the collar off most of the time.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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