Each Scissor/Shear costs $10 to sharpen.  Pay for each Shear by choosing the quantity you are going to send me for sharpening.  Your Shear will be sharpened by a certified Andis tech at a local distributor we have in Fort Worth TX.  We will deliver your shear, have it sharpened, and send it back to you.  For example, choose quantity x 3 if you are sending us 3 shears.  3 Shears x $10 = 30, includes return shipping to you.  All convex shears will be sharpened to a bevel edge.


Keep in mind, the service tech may let us know when a shear is unable to be sharpened.  If so, we will email you or call you to ask you what we'd like to do.  So, when checking out, please DO put your phone number and email and make sure they are correct.  Please ensure your shipping address is also correct.


I do want you to know, if you purchased shears from a company that makes the shear, contact the company's website and find out if they offer any programs for FREE sharpening for life of the item you purchased.  Some company's that make shears and scissors do offer this.  The only downfall is having to ship them off. But, hey, why not!! :)  Check that first.  If not, we are happy to help.  


Please send shears for sharpening to My Favorite Groomer, LLC., 5413 Denton Hwy. Ste 100, Haltom City, TX 76148

Tel: 817-676-1585 if you have questions.


Turn around time is 5-7 days or as soon as we can.


I am a huge recycler, if you have shears you don't use, that you need to recycle, I will do just that.  All metal is recyclable.  You can find a metal recycle drop off near you.  It's usually a place where people take cans too.  Be as earth friendly as possible.  We only have 1.


Scissor Sharpening - You send to us