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This is one hour of my time designed for people who need to pick my brain about their pets.  Whether it's something that's going on, health issues and you need advice on your situation, training advice.  These are long conversations that are in great detail.  This IS NOT BUSINESS coaching and not designed for the pet groomer, this is designed for the pet owner.  If you need something built just for you, email me at:


Have a list of questions you want to ask. Send me your list of questions so I can compile them. Or, ahead of time, send me your subject needs. This is one hour long. No refunds if you do not answer your phone for your session. My time is blocked for your appointment and it's very important to me to prepare for this session and to make my time available for your growth.

I will call or correspond in email, depending on what you put in your check out information profile, to set up your time.

One Hour Personal Phone Call - QQ

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