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October 2010 Newsletter
October Special is free oatmeal shampoo bath when your pet comes in for grooming or bathing.  

Wednesday, October 27th from 6-8pm is the MY FAVORITE GROOMER Pet Halloween Costume & 
Customer Appreciation Party at 5937 Plum St. Unit K, Watauga, TX 76148; partially outdoors event so 
dress accordingly, prizes for top 3 costumes will be given.  Join us for door prizes and a great time.  This 
is our 3rd annual party.   PLEASE RSVP at 817-676-1585.  Adults and pets only due to limited space, 
Thank you.  

Vendors are welcome, please contact me for space availability and contributions.


2 - PetOberfest in Arlington, TX 10-4pm           
9 - Barktoberfest at Fort Woof Dog Park from 10am-2pm,
9 - North Texas Scottie Rescue Fall Picnic
17 - Pug-O-Ween at Grapevine Convention Center from 11am - 4pm was unable to participate as a booth
according to rescue group
23 - Chiesta!  at 400 Bear Creek Park Keller, TX from 11am - 4pm I will be doing anal glands and selling
product at this event.
23 - Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas Annual Picnic

Find me on FACEBOOK (befriend Dede Croy).  I use Facebook daily; your pet photos, groomer tips, your
pet videos, pet events, and more can be found there.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics and also where we conduct nail trimming and other services (call if you need 
anal glands first to see where I will specifically be:

We are now at First Mondays in Weathford.  A great place to get products, clothing, harnesses, dresses 
and all pet products!  Check us out Sat and Sun of the weekend before the first Monday of the month.  
No services are allowed there, just products.
Read Dukes Memorial Today; you won't regret it!
Check out    where lots of changes have been made!!

Tip of the Month:
If you have a senior pet (5years or older) this tip is definitely for you.  But, read on to get some ticklers for
when you furry loved ones start to age.  My Sueii boy is 13 this year.  Almost 14 in February.  We lost his 
brother Duke in January 2010.  Here are things you may need to change depending on your pets age 
and condition.  
1) Collar type.  If your pet wears a regular-around the neck collar maybe it's time to get a step in harness 
(we do carry them).  Why?  The body starts to change and grow weak. Just like ours do when we age.  
And if you are still yanking at the throat at all, you just may cause collapsed trachia or more issues.  

2) Toe Nail trimming should be done more regularly since activity levels may be very low and nails don't 
grind down from the young rambunctiousness that they used to.  If you allow your pet to walk on his/her 
toe nails, this could cause back injury or more body harm in other areas especially with a weaker body.  

3) Pay attention to different changes that occur.  When it got down to the 60's recently in the evening we 
had the windows open over night.  Sueii's throat and heart issues forced him to cough for three days 
aftery.  Why?  Colder air holds more of everything to include oxygen, pollen, and more.  It is also more 
dense affecting his internal system differently than warm air. I noticed right away and fixed the problem so 
to not enhance his health issues.  I shut the window and will continue to keep them shut.  I also limited his
outside time so he didn't breathe in that air too much.

4) What happens to your pets heart when he/she gets excited?  It beats very fast and for senior pets this 
might not be a healthy situation.  With a senior pet, if you MUST, change something as simple as keeping
him/her in the back bedroom while you are not home to alleviate the fast racing excitement of when you 
come in the door.  It may prolong life just a little longer.  If you can't bare to make that change, when you 
walk in the door, if you can, pick your senior pet up and the excitement may be there, but its heartbeat 
isn't as bad as it would be if the pet was also jumping, circling, and running as well.  

5) If you find your pets nose to be more dry than usual. Maybe even beginning to be crusty.  Take note, 
this is usually not normal and the first signs of limited time.  Have your pet checked at your Vet (or one 
I've used) by bloodwork.  You might find something that has just come on.  Just remembe every 6 months 
is like 3 years in a pets life.  You see your groomer more than you see your Vet likely.  

These are just a few tips on senior pet living that I have grown to learn and experience in my pets lives. I 
hope it helps you with yours and that you can be more keen in watching your loved ones transform over 
the years.  Spend time with your pet today, a hug and kiss before you walk out the door will change your 
life.  Your Favorite Groomer, Dede Croy

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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