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October 2009 Halloween Invite:
Can you believe it has almost been a year since the last amazing, fun, free stuff Halloween Pet Costume 

Yes, we are under way planning a huge party this year since last year was such a success!!!  So, here 
are the details.  On Wednesday, October 28, 2009 from 6 - 8pm come out to My Favorite Groomer and 
enjoy light snacks for humans, but tons of stuff for PETS.  Bring your pets dressed to impress our judges 
where there will be CASH prizes for top 3 WINNERS.  Yes, and that means you can dress up too!  I will be 
in some pulled together fun Halloween Costume, especially since this is my absolute FAVORITE Holiday 
!!! :)

Important To DO's:

2) Call, email me, and RSVP for you and your pets and any guests that you will be bringing.  Folks that 
bring a guest will have a bonus drawing (more details to come).  
You can also RSVP on to make it easier on me. RSVP's will allow me to 
ensure I have enough prizes and the space is adequate.

3) Party to do's- Bring your camera for photos.  Cash to buy things on SALE.  Have your pets collars 
TIGHT and a bag to put free stuff into so your hands are not too full.  One ticket per pet will be given for 
the drawings.  Come ready to have fun and spread the news but please be respectful and be prepared to
pick up after your pet (or make sure they released at home or feed dinner after the event, it's very 
exciting).  Please refrain from bringing aggressive pets.

I can't wait to see you and your pets all dressed up and enjoying the wonderful sponsors we'll have out 
there that night.  So far we have these sponsors coming out to participate and/or donating to the door 
prize drawing and so much more to come:

Pampered Chef by Kim Gardner
Scentsy Candles by Julia Baldwin
Specialty Training by Anne O'neil
Custom Pet Beds by Maryetta Broyles
Nature's Select Dog Food by Rachel Novak
Red Dingo
Schnauzer Pet Rescue
Daisy Mae Snuggle Sacks by Wendy Barkett
Sassy Smudges by Shelly Burden

Newsletter News-
Fleas don't stop, even though it's getting cool, don't skip Frontline, you will regret it.  Especially with many
dogs coming to the party, be sure your pets are treated.  Let me know if you need a home spray referral 
or if you need Frontline or other flea products..

October special will be $2.50 EAR FLUSHING at the Groom Shop in addition to full groom.  Regular price 
is $5.

I am becoming a retail spot for your pets.  Soon enough I will have a larger area of clothing, toys, and 
more for your pets.  So, the next time your in check out some of the new products I have.  If you are 
looking for something, let me know, I will find it and get it for you.

$5 referral credit goes to those folks who refer friends and family pets for a grooming.  Cash in today.

If you are ready to change cell phone providers, I use Verizon Wireless and love them.  Contact me and 
I'll refer you.  

Check out the group, there is a pet collar party in November you don't 
want to miss it!  There will be specials and ideas for Christmas!  Other fun things happening like the Paw 
Print Party....what a fun way to remember your pet.  

Selling portion sizes of Missing Link Plus; what is this?  It is a supplement that has so much great stuff, 
why do you think my senior pets look like they are puppies.....gotta try some today, ask me how.

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