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May 2010 Newsletter
May is my BIRTHDAY month.  So let's celebrate Birthdays! Everyone that comes in for a bath or groom in
May gets registered for a free groom.  Happy Birthday and good luck!


Animal Angels Fundraiser 6-8pm at Sambuca-Uptown at 2120 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX on 13May10

Happy Tails free ice cream social-pet adoption-prizes with on 15May10 from 
2-4pm  (bring pet food for donations if you like)

SNAP at Bob Eden Park in Euless-Doggie Costume Contest 22May10.

Grooms will be unavailable from 23May-30May so book ahead. Be sure to plan about a 5 day notice for 
your pets groom session.   With over 600 clients the schedule books up fast.  

Find me on FACEBOOK & MYSPACE.  I use Facebook daily; tips, videos, events, and more can be found

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic:

Dukes Memorial:

Free Groom:

Story of the month:
Barney is one of my long time clients.  I've known him and his family since 2005.  He was smaller back in 
those days.  He was so tiny and cute.  I've pet sat him a couple times over the years and he loved being 
in my home.  I thought I would take this newsletter to say Thank you to those regular clients that have 
stuck by my side for so many years.  There are phrases you may say to your pets when they are on the 
way to see me.  Dogs know; clients tell me all the time that when they say "Wanna go see Dede" their 
pets perk up and get excited.  They even know the bumps in the road that lead you up to the front 
paveway.  I hear they bark when the human pulls up :)  I enjoy learning your pets just as they learn being 
groomed.  Thank you for the years.
Here are a couple pictures of Barney.  When he comes in after a couple months and when he leaves.  He
is a cutie isn't he.  Thank you to all my clients. You are what makes me who I am and who I've become.

TIP:  During the summer it's very hot - do not leave your pets in your car with windows cracked, they can 
over heat very fast. Leave them home or go to pet friendly places.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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