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March 2011 Newsletter
Happy St. Patrick's Day all! It's been a bustling busy time at My Favorite Groomer Pet Salon lately.  We've
gotten so busy that we are currently hiring for a Groomer position so if you have a Groomer you know 
please send him/her my way!

Another BIG change that has come about is that in over six years of running this Salon I am putting a day
off on the calendar.  Fridays are a complete off day for the Salon and as busy as we are I have found 
that I can't function without some time to catch up.  So, Fridays are needed to compile all the 
administrative things a business entails and for me to breathe.  So, if you need a Friday groom, we'll 
need to move it to another day in the week.  Considering our near 24 hour shifts Mon - Thursday I'm 
almost positive we can make something work just so as long as I get enough notice to get you on the 
schedule.  Saturdays and Sundays are devoted to all the cities we go to providing low cost nail trimming 
and more.  

Make sure you join my Youtube channel so you can get updates when I load new videos.  There are 
some on there now and you should definitely check them out because they might include your favorite 
family pet :)

I also am apart of the Send Out Cards Program which is how I send you most of your cards if you want to
send one today use this link:

WOMENS NETWORKING GROUP: Once a month I go to a Free Women's Networking Group.  If you'd like 
to join me please reply.

The Bathe Your Own Pet Program is alive and running.  Book your appointment today and spend a small 
amount of money to bathe your own pet in our Salon.  You can leave the mess for us and save money on
water and product at the same time.  When you do come in for your own services Toe Nail trimming is half 
off!!  You also use all of our stuff, shower, water, towels, and basic shampoo.  It's a no win situation.  The 
hair doesn't get stuck in your drain :)

Find me on FACEBOOK (befriend Dede Croy).  I use Facebook often; your pet photos, groomer tips, 
your pet videos, pet events, and more can be found there.  Fridays I post where we are that weekend for 
Vaccinations.  You will see much more on my personal page regarding pets though so be sure to add me.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics and also where we conduct nail trimming and other services (call if you need 
anal glands first to see where I will specifically be or check Facebook Friday night:

Read Dukes Memorial Today; you won't regret it & you will learn a few things about senior pets and their 

Tip of the Month:
For years now I've seen pets with ear infections regularly.  All pets will usually run into an ear infection at 
some point in their lives.  There are two types of ear infections I've found to be out there.  Now remember, 
I AM NOT A VET...I'm your Groomer.  But, I worked for a Vet for some time and saw a lot of things there.  I 
also have owned my Salon since 2005 and have treated dogs in all stages of an ear infection and of 
those two types I can aim you in the right direction to fixing the issues.  If something is too big for me to 
handle I WILL tell you to see a Vet and then I'll send you to one that fits your budget and needs.  
Since there are two types of Ear infections I want you to know what they both seem to look like.  But, first 
know any funky smells coming from the ears (mouth or anal area) are a problem.  Not something to go 
discounted by "he/she has bad breath" for instance.  An ear infection will be quite smelly an noticeable.  
When you look into the pets ear you would know right away something wasn't right.  By the smell and by 
the looks.  The 1st type of ear infection is a water based one.  Where a pet is in the water a lot usually 
(Labs who love to swim for instance).  But, sometimes just the way the pet is bathed; in the shower, held 
under the water faucet (if small enough); any way the pet is put in a situation that water can get into the 
ear canal.  What happens then is the water sits stagnant in the lower ear canal and starts a fungus.  A 
pets ear canal goes way down, further than we can see or reach. This is the infection that comes out in 
the RED BRICK COLOR, gunky and thick and sometimes when first starting out not so thick so don't be 
fooled that one isn't there if it's light in color.  But, tainted hair in the color brick red is a bad sign early on. 
The second type of ear infection I've found is an allergy based one.  In this case the color of the gunk 
coming out of the ears is yellow. Very thick usually.  Doesn't normally come out of the ears or give 
warning signs lightly.  So, it's either thick and there or not there at all.  You can't miss it.  I like to explain it 
like this; if you or me were allergic to say strawberries and we had some strawberries everyday.  But we 
didn't know our body was allergic and we kept eating it.  By day 10 we were having thick yellow gunk 
coming out of our ears.  Well, first we'd have to troubleshoot what we were allergic to.  In this case. I'm 
just telling you we are allergic to the strawberries and the body is so allergic that it's spitting this yellow 
gunk out of the system through your ears.  Gross isn't it?  Well, it's happening to a lot of pets out there 
and the first thing you NEED to do is troubleshoot the diet to find out what the pet is allergic to.  Now, if 
you've never read a pet dog food label, please do.  Not the front of the bag.  Read the back where it says
ingredients.  In detail it would take you months to ween every ingredient out of the pets system.  So, what
I've found for you to do first is cut all treats, all human foods that are given to the pet, then look at your 
food bag and change only if you have a lot of wheat on the label to include corn.  CUT CORN OUT 
COMPLETELY.  Then we are going to monitor the ears for three months while on a limited diet 
troubleshooting the allergy issue.  Get with me if you are needing guidance on this and I will coach you.  
At the same time to make the pet comfortable we do need to treat the ears as if there is an ear infection.  
You will need to see me so I can clean them and flush them and get you on the same program if needed.
Now that you know what to look for in an ear infection.  I'll attach a picture that shows you the colors 
you're looking for.  If you need more help with this please come out to one of the weekend events and let 
me check the ears for you and get you on treatment.  In 90% of cases I can really help.  In the other 
ones; if severe I will direct you to the best source.  For now, ear flushings by me are $5 but I will be 
raising that price to $8 soon so come out sooner than later.  Either way, a $175 ear infection bill which is 
what most Vet's charge to get treatment; you can't beat what we do at our low cost events.

Item of the Month:
This Month all my Weruva Canned Pet Food is on sale for 2$ a can.  I have Dog and Cat Canned food in 
this brand.  It is really good dog food.  Open the can and you could eat it yourself.  Some ingredients are 
peas, chicken, and carrots in a sauce.  I use canned food very lightly only to help any senior pets I have 
take medications.  My Dukester was on seven different pills in a week, he needed help with that and in his
situation I really wanted him happy and comfortable.  But, since canned food is usually 80% water and 
because of that the food sticks right to the teeth causing plaque build up 50% faster I don't recommend it 
for all pets.  But, cat's usually always eat canned food and this is a good deal for them too :)  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

To unsubscribe reply "unsubscribe" in your subject line.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you.

Advice and suggestions are my own opinion.  I am not a VET.
Owner, Dede Croy

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