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June 2010 Newsletter
Happy HOT JUNE everyone.  Frontline is on SALE this month.  3$ off a pack of 3.  (I sell it already super 

I will have a booth on certain days (check Facebook for exact dates I'll be there)  at the Summer World 
Championship Paint Horse Show at Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, TX from 23Jun - 3July.  
There are also some beautiful horses and awesome little booths for human gifts come out and check it 

Find me on FACEBOOK & MYSPACE.  I use Facebook daily; tips, videos, events, and more can be found

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic:

Dukes Memorial:

Free Groom:

Story of the month:
Since I've seen almost every pet come in so far in June with fleas.  This information section goes out to 
this wonderful Cocker Spaniel I groomed last year.  He was so infested with fleas that we ended up 
shaving him down just because of that alone.  He didn't look like he had one flea on him until I looked 
through his coat and he had about 1000 of them.  And that seemed to be an understatement.  It was so 
bad the fleas were diving off of him like he was a diving board.  Here is what you need to do to get on 
track with your flea situation.  These are things I've learned through reading and treating my own pets 
over the years.  The pictures you see are the before and after but the ear photos shows the flea 
poop-black pepper like spots.  There were so many fleas that all that poop built up from their multiplying.

Make sure your pet is treated (Frontline, Sentinel, Comfortis etc) DO NOT SKIP IN THE WINTER.  As 
much as we want to save a few bucks.  It will hurt your pet in the long run to stop treatment in the winter.  
Because then the fleas have time to manifest.  Yikes.  I learned this from Duke.  Over 4 years ago when I 
was trying to save money.  One flea bite broke him into a swarm of saggy skin and painful itching with hot
spots from his munching.  He was allergic to the flea bite.  Even after we did a flea bath he was suffering.  
Frontline myself.  If you use Frontline apply 3 days after or before a bath or groom as a preventative in 
wasting the product.

If you end up having fleas on your pet here are some things you can do to help:

1-Capstar is a pill you can give that will last 24 hours. (I sell this 6$ for small pet $7 for big pet).

2-Bathing in a flea shampoo ( a good brand, not generic) will kill the live fleas and eggs.  Make sure to let 
it sit on the pet for the alloted time specified on the bottle.  It needs a little time to start working. ( I have 
flea shampoo as well)

3-Have your yard and house treated if you can afford it.  I can refer my folks out to you, just give me a 
call.  One in home spray was all it took for me 2 years ago.  For your back yard, Seven dust could 
work-found at your local feed store.

4-Change your vacuum bag and throw it out side.  Then put a new vacuum bag in your vacuum along 
with a little bit of a flea collar cut up in the bag.  Then vacuum for 2 weeks straight.  If you don't have 
carpet vacuum the base boards real good and if you have wood focus on the cracks between the boards.
 If you have a bagless vacuum, be sure to empty into a bag and take the bag outside everyday.  We don't
want new fleas to hatch and spread through your house and vacuum.

5-Clean all the bedding of your bed and your pets bed to make sure not to put your treated pet right back
into the situation to get fleas again.  Vacuum your car if that is a possibility too.  We're talking about eggs 
here folks.  

6-Have a good quality flea and tick collar on the pet.  This helps keep em off the dog period.  They work 

Just about everything I mentioned I carry because I use them all myself.  I do also carry Frontline for Cats. 
 Just let me know what you need and if you have any questions.  I'm here to help your pets get over 

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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