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January 2010 Newsletter

January's Special is 10% off any Christmas Apparel. There are new arrivals on all sized coats and 
dresses, a must see. I've attached some photos of the cute stuff we have. I have a cute Pomeranian 
modeling the Christmas Dress.  Big dog sizes are available too in coats and other selections.

You can now also find me on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, & TWITTER.  

$5 referral credit goes to those folks who refer friends and family pets for a grooming.  Cash in today.

Go here for Low Cost Vaccinations:

Photo sessions took off with a BANG this December; you can see more photos on the link below. Take 
these special photos now before time passes you by, it's never too late.  As some of you may know, my 
Lil Duke is suffering with possible heart disease and I can't tell you how rushed I was to get these photos 
taken for our possible last Christmas together.  Too many years can pass before you realize time is 
coming to a close.  Get those precious moments on film.  We offer house calls and one on one situations 
for every pets scenario.  We can help to capture you and your pets love and connection.  I know these 
photos will be here forever.      CALL FOR YOUR 
APPOINTMENT TODAY:  817-676-1585

Story of the month:
Folks, you know how much I love grooming right?  Well, I love it so much that I eat, drink, sleep grooming.  
It's not a job to me, it's a pleasure.  In many cases though, I get the most matted pets you can imagine.  
Some times, when pets are super matted, they are angry with pain when it comes to dematting and 
shaving the coat down.  Even though it's shaving a coat, matts can be so bad that it's a tug of war getting 
to the skin under the tight knit knots that have accumulated over time from bathing, drying, lack of 
brushing, and months and months of creation.....Here is a sweet doggie whom I can't believe, let me work
with every inch of his body.  Patiently clipping and trimming and pulling and tugging, until you can see 
how we pulled the matts off like socks.  His poor ears were super matted to his ear and all of that was 
connected right down his throat area and chest.  I couldn't tell where his ear lobe was.  This can make it 
very dangerous.  But, he was a champ, not a whimper as we continued grooming until all socks peeled off 
and his healthy skin was exposed.  He was such a fighter.  The greatest moment for me was when Mom 
was so happy to see his new look that she teared up.  Sometimes things can happen and some pets 
need a helping hand.  He was a wonderful doggie and now, his skin can breathe and he can move all his 
little toes and I can only imagine how much more comfortable he is.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here

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