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February 2011 Newsletter
Happy Valentine's my pet lovers!  I plan on celebrating a wonderful 14th Birthday for my doggie Sueii.  It 
might be his last Birthday so Feb 12th is important to us.  If you don't do Pet Birthday's for your babies, 
reconsider.  Here' is a picture attached of Sueii and Duke's last Birthday cake made by Best Friends Pet 
Treats at:

Send out your Valentine's Cards without leaving your house here:

We have just built a BIG-DOG Bathing area!  So, if you have big dogs and want to bath your own pets 
this winter call and make an appointment or if you know someone that can't usually get their big dog in 
the tub, this is where they need to be.

Find me on FACEBOOK (befriend Dede Croy).  I use Facebook often; your pet photos, groomer tips, 
your pet videos, pet events, and more can be found there.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics and also where we conduct nail trimming and other services (call if you need 
anal glands first to see where I will specifically be:

Read Dukes Memorial Today; you won't regret it & you will learn a few things about senior pets and their 

Tip of the Month:
This month I wanted to let you know how important it is for us to be aware of our pets when we are 
commuting with them in the vehicle.  There are products on the market that can help restrain your pet 
while he/she has full view of the window.  But, when we drive around with our pets walking around or 
jumping around we can cause dangerous situations for them and for us.  I remember long ago, when I 
had to come to a sudden stop and my baby Duke was standing on the console, he was instantly slammed
into the dash board.  Not a very wise decision on my part no matter how badly Duke loved riding in the 
front and high up on the console.  It will happen at some point and your pet may suffer trauma.  Some 
products on the market can include 1) a pet seat that you can click their collar into, 2)Seatbelt loop 
restraints that loop into the seatbelt and hold your pet into the seat area and 3) kennels for traveling.  We 
currently carry pet harnesses that come with a seat belt loop.  We will have seat belt loops coming in for 
February and we have examples of the type of booster seats available.  Be sure you put the safety of 
your pet in front of what your pet most enjoys in this case.  

Item of the Month:
This Month, I've attached a pink harness that also comes in brown with the attached seat belt loop. 
Photos of items we carry here at the groom shop can be found at our facebook page, just befriend Dede 
Croy and click on the photos link.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

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