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Demoing Your Product

Thank you so much for contacting me to demo your product.  Here are the requirements:

Mail us at least 3 samples of your product to

My Favorite Groomer LLC.

5413 Denton Hwy. Ste. 100

Haltom City, TX 76148

One I will demo and two I will give away on our YouTube Channel from your store.

You will not get these items back.

Please include your name and phone number and email address so I can send you the link to the video upon completion and so you can be reached.

When we receive your demo items, it must be in working order.  If it comes damaged, the item must be fixed, repaired, replaced, before we complete your demo video. 

We work hard, work many jobs, and work many hours, therefore, we try to complete demo videos that we are NOT paid for within 60 days or receiving the items. 

If you are paying us to do a demo video, Our rate is $300 per item and your video takes priority to all other demo product videos.

In my demo video, I will use your product.  However, I will be COMPLETELY HONEST about the product.  If it's too heavy, if it's not working well, if it almost harms a pet in the demo, ALL OF THESE FACTS will be my honest opinion of the product.  Why is this?  Because you, as a product and company would / should use my input to your advantage. Whether that helps you tweek your design or make changes that will impact sales of your product.  You will get an honest, valid opinion.  

Please understand my honesty is how I do business and I appreciate you and your product enough to be honest about it.  Thank you very much for contacting me.  It means a lot to me, Dede

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Dede Croy

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