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August 2010 Newsletter:
August Special is Buy one Red Dingo Collar get one half off.  
Announcements:  Grooms for September are limited due to a groomers class I'm taking so book early or 
late in September for your pets groom.  

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events, and more can be found there.

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Tip of the Month:

Why Toe Nail Trims?

Each Toe Nail has a vein called the quick in it.  Without regular trimming this vein can grow out to the tip 
of the toe nail.  It is recommended to have toe nails trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.  I have been trimming 
nails for many years and have seen all kinds of situations.  From curled back nails growing right into the 
pads.  To nails that curled the opposite direction sticking straight up in the air.  Nails that grow into the 
skin usually cost $150 at a Vet office to cut off and seal.  Every nail is different even on the same pet.  
Trimming the nails too short can cause pain when hitting the vein.  However in severe cases it’s 
recommended to have every nail quicked while under anesthesia.  In the attached photos you’ll see a 
pets nails so long that she is walking on them.  This can result in leg, back pain as well as arthritis in 
other parts of the body.  Having nails trimmed is very important.  If your family pet has a lot of hair in the 
way, nails can get overlooked.  Make it a habit to feel the nails and try to see if the pet is walking on his or
her nails.  If so, get those nails trimmed back asap.  My tips and advice are from my years of experience.  
I am not a Vet-these tips are for informational purposes.  Feel free to contact me about any nail situation 
you may have; I’m here to help and guide you as a pet owner.

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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