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April 2010 Newsletter
April Special is 40% off all Coats and Sweaters (winter apparel) for dogs, come get them while they last.


Paws for the Cause:  405 Municipal Drive, Kennedale, TX.  From 10-3, come join us for the Pooch 
Parade, low cost vaccinations, toe nail trimming, and more.

May 1st West Side Animal League Fido Fest 11-3 at Fort Worth Gateway Park.  Come help support 
WSAL my favorite pet rescue group!

Find me on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, & TWITTER.  I use Facebook daily; tips, videos, events, and more 
can be found there.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic:

Dukes Memorial:

Free Groom link:

Story of the month:
Short Story, but pictures say 1000 words.  Molly is a sweet heart.  She loves talking to other dogs when 
they are around.  Maybe even other people too.  She lets everyone know she's here to stay.  But as a 
groomer, every once in awhile, we get what is called a pro at being groomed.  However, it's not often 
where we get one that falls asleep during the process.  Here is Molly.  She loves being groomed!

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

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