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One beautiful handmade flower.  Collar in photograph sold separately.  Handmade by Betty in Florida, these are such a MUST HAVE!  We made sizes XSmall through Large. The XSmall being perfect for small dogs who do wear a collar.  Some new designs will come out in 2022 for the dogs that don't wear a collar but we have a light weight option to still look gorgeous in.  The Large to fit my long and hairy white Doodle.  So you can see the Flower around her long fur.  So, I hope you love them!  They are individually made by hand and finally sewn by hand proudly in the USA!  All Sales Final.


The velcro attachment is made to fit around most every collar with room to either continue wrapping around or cutt off excess.  In case you ever use the flower for another collar, a gift, or something else all together, I don't recommend cutting off the excess, just wrap it around itself.


As anything is handmade, it can be unique.  We tried our hardest to make these lastable and gorgeous.  We hope you love the colors we picked.  Each button is hand made by Betty as well.  This is extremely time consuming, from handsewing the individual petals to the details of the backing and folds.


Each item is handmade and the button and colors are hand made and hand selected and you may not get the exact one photographed but you will get the color scheme you ordered. The button or a petal may be different in color than photographed as some are unique and limited edition.

Valentine Collar Flower Bows For Pets (1)

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