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This kit is made by the same company that makes the Pet Silk Shampoo and Conditioner we love!  Yup, they have us covered.  What I would do, is sell or give away one of the  12 oz to clients, use the other 12oz on my counter for people to or myself to use between working or at home, put the 6 oz in my purse, and use the Gallon to refill the bottles I have.  Then buy more 12 oz for resale.  


Kit with Gallon Pump Includes:

One Gallon

One Gallon Pump (which is like priceless, keep this do not throw it away later)

Two 12 oz bottles

One 6 oz bottle


You can buy more separately on the single listing here:




Active ingredient...Ethyl Alcohol 70%...........antimicrobial

So Silk Hand Sanitizer Kit by Pet Silk

$68.99 Regular Price
$41.39Sale Price
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