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Most new Andis clippers 2020 and newer models needs two and just shy of a half half cord covers to cover the whole cord.

Dede carries this product to keep her cords untangled on clippers, blow dryers, and more, just imagine! Great for all wires and cords that tangle! Blow dryer, in an RV, clippers and more. The brighter you get, the easier they are to see in a bag or in the dark. See these videos:


Product That Keeps Your Electrical Cords Neat and Untangled- DEDE'S TIP PLEASE READ -

Best way to put cord cover on without ruining your clipper cord, remove clipper cord (if you know how to) and wrap the monkey cord on the clipper cord not attached to clipper. Make sense? Flipping it while its attached will ruin the wire on the inside. Use a rubberband keeping the monkey cord rolled up to swing around the cord easily as you cover the cord.

Unscrew the case of the clipper, remember what parts go where, (take a photo as you go) and disconnect the cord and pull cord away from the clipper. Put on Cord Cover, then when done, put everything back together. Takes about 20- 30 minutes to put the cord cover on.


Make sure you put the cord cover all the way to the base of where the clipper wire attaches to the clipper, outside of the shell that is. This will allow it to stay strong on the base of the wire. The Cord Cover is heavier, so if it's not right up against the shell, the weight weakens the cord.


If you need a new cord, let me know, I can get it for you too.

Original Cord Covers

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