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Book Pre-requisite class first.  It is a 3 hour class that is mandatory before any other full grooming classes are done. You will learn so much your eyes will be tired.  You will determine if this is for you.  You will bring your tools, all of them and show me what you own and I will tell you what you will not learn from me with the tools you have.  I do not want you to buy your tools all over amazon then come to me to teach you how to use them.  I sell the tools that work and if you don't have the right tools and they are cheap then you should get training from whom you bought the tools from.  No offense, this is a huge waste of my time to be honest and I have learned from those I have taught.  If you can't afford the right tools, then you should not be trying to groom for an income, which is why classes taught 99% of the time REQUIRE you to buy the tools here at the place of training.  There is a reason for that.  

My time is valuable, your time is valuable, even if you don't know it.  


Paying for a class you might never take, not wise.  Teaching a class you hate, not wise.  Coming to school without your material not wise.  Signing up for something and not showing up, not wise.  Think about this.  This is your money your time.  My time, my life work.  I will meet you half way.  I will not baby sit you, you will stand on your own two feet as you learn this amazing craft.  This isn't putting a clipper in your hand and saying go.  In my training I didn't touch my clipper for 30 days! That's how much book study there is.  Every student learns at his or her own pace.  You can't expect to become a nurse in one day nor can you become a groomer in one day.  


Trying to teach someone to groom a dog in an hour is impossible.  To take this first session, you must have taken the pre requisite of Dog Grooming with Dede PreReq Class.  Don't pay for this session until you have come in for a 3 hour introductory class and book the Pre Req Class first.


Are you committed or is this a dream you want to do in your garage? Do you want to teach yourself at home and groom your own dog and just get most of the basics self taught and knick your dog on the way, more knicks than if you were to really get true training? Knicking will happen, just when.


There are two ways to do this, free with online videos on YouTube or pay someone to teach you, or maybe find someone you can work under for years, and they still might not let you become a groomer. Don't want to pay upfront the entire class for 3 months, and even then you will not learn 20 years of work in 3 months.  Impossible.  But you will learn as much as you can absorb.  I have worked at Petsmart, along side veterinarians, at a veterinarians, you will learn so much your mind will be so tired.  Be prepared for that.  


Buy more hours save.  There are NO REFUNDS on your purchase.  So think about your purchase and your commitment before you buy.  When you buy, I will contact you immediately to get you in for the pre requisite class. 


Class format may change at any time.  And some classes may be videos that you can watch where some are going to be a mandatory face to face. 


If you buy and do not use your hours you will forfeit your money.  Again, do not pay for classes you do not intend to take.  We are all adults here and I value your time.  It's like I book a class and never teach it.  Hold yourself accountable.  Don't like the truth I am speaking, you may not like many other truths I'll speak then.  I am a straight shooter.  Truth is, reality is, you can't learn to groom a dog that is not yours without learning from others.  Who you want to learn from, how you want to learn, are all your decision.  


If you want to groom only your dog and you don't care what the look is like, then yes, learn yourself, and teach yourself only.  But, there are things you will not gain unless you step into someone's classroom.  You may learn good and bad, but you learn. 


Good luck and be successful in all you do! Dede


$200 per hour

book more save money


See the drop down choices. 

If you are wanting me to come to your home, there is a listing for that, but unless I have your address and tell you the cost, that leasting may not be valid for your home.  You can email me direct. for pricing for that.


If you are booking to learn how to groom your own dog, then you will be bringing your dog in at some point.  In order to have your dog come to my facility, you must show dhpp, bordetella, rabies, and flea and tick prevention.  If you bring a dog in sick or with fleas, there are flea and tick fees that you will pay that day.  


Do not bring your pet if your pet is ill.  Getting other pets sick can lead to death and you will be responsible, we don't want that.  I wouldn't want someone else's dog to do that to yours and vice versus.  Wheezing, coughing,  vommitting, diarrhea are all signs you should not bring your dog in for classes.


Format of classes can change at any time. 

Prices can chance at any time.

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance.

All Classes are recorded.


Learn to Groom a Dog Pay by the Hour (does Not include Aggressive dog training)

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