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Electronic Release form only.  You will be sent a word document of the form that you can edit and make copies of forever. There are two forms, front to back, per sheet.  This is the release form I use and I made.  If you buy this electronic for feel free to copy as many as you like and feel free to manipulate the form to fit your clientel. Reselling of this product is NOT allowed. I am here to help you grow your business.  When growing your business respect those helping you grow your business and whom help you stretch every part of who you are to be successful. All Sales Final.  No plaigerism allowed.  No resale of my form allowed.  By making this purchase you agree to not sell the form or plaigerise.  If you need a form lawyer, hire one.  I am not a form lawyer.  When you are sued, you are taken to court and judged by your piers, and a judge.  At that time, you are likely going to have a lawyer and prove you did what you could do explain your services and how did you explain your services and were you clear.  My form covers some of the hardest things to discuss, being bit, getting hurt, knicking a dog.  In my opinion, you NEED to have this conversation with the pet owner, if you are scared to do that, just say, I have a form to read to you.  If you feel they don't like your approach to grooming and you feel they are not a good fit for your salon, don't do it!  Follow your gut instinct. FREE TIPS TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS SAFELY!  If you need more help, BOOK BUSINESS COACHING WITH DEDE.  IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS.  

Groomer Client Release Form Electronic Word Document (2 per page)

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