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Each clipper repair starts at $25, we get the clipper serviced and shipped back to you. If there are issues, then we will contact you for further payment; like when a cord needs replaced or blade drive exchanged, or internal parts or external parts upon inspection.  Whether it's a servicing, a problem the clipper is having, we will take the clipper in to a certified Andis tech at a local distributor we have in Fort Worth TX and let them tell us what costs for labor and parts will be and if your deposit covers it or not.  We will contact you when we find out what true costs are based on the problem you're having with equipment.  We will deliver your clipper, have it repaired and send it back to you if possible.  If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours of our message, we will consider your items for donation with no refunds.  All Sales Final.


Keep in mind, the service tech may let us know your clipper is nonrepairable or nonserviceable.  Sometimes this happens when a company stops making parts or has made a new model.  We can take most any electrical device in for servicing, human or pet related.  Just call me in advanced to be more sure about this.  Have your model number ready.  If the service tech can NOT repair, we will email you or call you to ask you what we'd like to do.  So, when checking out, please DO put your phone number and email and make sure they are correct.  Please ensure your shipping address is also correct.


I do want you to know, if you have the time to reach out to the maker of your scissor or clipper, sometimes they offer FREE servicing of the item you purchased. The only downfall is having to ship them off. But, hey, why not!! :)  Check that first.  If not, we are happy to help.  


Please send Clipper for servicing to My Favorite Groomer, LLC., 4364 Western Center Blvd. #141, Fort Worth, TX 76137

Tel: 817-676-1585 if you have questions.


Turn around time is average 10 days or as soon as they can assess the repairs and get the parts in.  Case by case scenario.


I am a huge recycler, if you have equipment you don't use, that you need to recycle, I will do just that.  All electronics are recyclable.  You can find a recycle drop off near you.  Best buy allows for some electronic recycling in their front doors but others can be done within your city, just contact your city directly.  Be as earth friendly as possible.  We only have 1.


Clipper Servicing - You send to us

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