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November 2009 Newsletter

Well folks, we had a huge Halloween Costume Party at the end of October.  It was a great success.  With 
over 60 human attendees and over 20 dressed up doggies, it was a blast. Thank you to my donators and

November's Special is $1 conditioner when added to a full grooming.  

Come in and pick out a dog collar, dog tag, or even dog food.  Yes, that's right, I'm carrying DoG FOOD!  
I picked the best brand I thought made the biggest difference to me and ran with it.  It's called Earthborn 
Holistic.  Why?!  They have a way with the Earth, completely Earth friendly.  All packaging is recyclable 
and if you send in the UPC's they plant a tree!!! Now what other company do you know does that?  It is 
made in the USA too.  Come in and I'll help you choose the right one for your pet (s).

You'll be able to see photos on my  in the next two weeks of
the Halloween Costume Party.

If you haven't joined please do so.  You'll see classes on the calendar as
well as dinner events for humans and more.  In November we are going to Ahoyamas; a great Sushi 
Restaurant that has excellent sushi, california rolls, stir fry, and fried rice.  You can now also find me on 
FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, & TWITTER.  Don't forget about the Collar Party in December.  For the next two
weeks APHA will be holding an event at the Will Rogers Memorial, I will be having a booth there and 
providing doggie nail trims and more.  There is also a Puppy World which I will be set up right outside next 
to, come out & check us out.  They are also having dog races.  If your pet can run, enter him/her into this 
event for prizes.  (I'll be there Nov 6-8 & 12-14; Booth #518)

$5 referral credit goes to those folks who refer friends and family pets for a grooming.  Cash in today.

HOLIDAY PLANNING; If you are taking a vacation for the Holidays and you need a petsitter, please call 
me to reserve your spot..  We are booking up fast.  817-676-1585

Go here for Low Cost Vaccinations:

One Last but big thing is the new edition of my use with .  
If you're a card lover, you have to see this stuff.  Get on board today and I'll show you the way to make a 
little income too.  Check out this website and contact me to send out a free card today.  You're gonna 
enjoy putting a smile on your friends and family's faces.  (copy and paste link)

One last bit of information; if you know anyone looking for a roommate; let me know, I have been 
approached by many friends who I could pair you up with.  I am your networker, if you need something I 
will help where I can.  Just give me a call.  817-676-1585..

MyFavoriteGroomer is Hiring!  If you have pet experience or have some time to help coordinate events, 
contact me to apply.

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

Dede Croy



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