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December 2010 Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everyone!  December grooms are filling up fast since it's the 
Holidays so book now or plan to wait until January.  Keep in mind pre-booking your appoinments the day 
you have your pets groom set up is starting to be a norm this takes all the burden off getting an 
appointment at the last minute.  Appointment slots for petsitting are also filling up.  If you need a petsitter 
this holiday season please call me @ 817-676-1585.  We do at my-home-petsitting for small dogs ($30 
per pet per day) and in your home pet sit visits for multiple and large pet families.  Pets that stay in my 
home must have flea treatment on a monthly basis and current on all vaccinations.

We have just built a HUGE-DOG Bathing area!  So, if you have big dogs and want to bath your own pets 
this winter call and make an appointment or if you know someone that can't usually get their big dog in 
the tub, this is where you need to be :)  Book TODAY!


Pet Photography:
This year we will be offering Pet photo shoots for Christmas.  Photo shoots are separate appointments 
than grooming and grooming must be done on a different day.  Photo Shoots will be conducted all day 
Friday December 10th, 11th & 17th (day and night availabilities).  Call to make your appoinment today.  
Pet parents will stay and help coordinate your pets.  Each Appointment is about 15 - 30 minutes long and 
the photo package offered is a flat fee of 60$ for a cd of the photos taken.  Editing of 3 photos will be 
included on the cd.

Find me on FACEBOOK (befriend Dede Croy).  I use Facebook daily; your pet photos, groomer tips, your
pet videos, pet events, and more can be found there.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics and also where we conduct nail trimming and other services (call if you need 
anal glands first to see where I will specifically be:

Read Dukes Memorial Today; you won't regret it!
Tip of the Month:
Since we are seeing cold weather and most pets have some kind of attire whether it's a dress I think it's 
important for me to clarify my idea of pets and clothing.  We sell a lot of different coats, sweaters, t-shirts, 
dresses, camo gear, and more here at My Favorite Groomer.  But, when you are letting your babies wear
clothing at home keep in mind that clothing that is worn everyday without being taken off will be a 
consistent teasing on the hair.  Teasing the hair equalls matting.  Matting that is generally not brushable.  
So, if you choose sweaters or clothing this winter for your babies take the clothing off the pet once a day 
and definitely brush the hair.  The only pets that may not have this worry are short hair breeds like Jack 
Russell Terriers or Labrador Retrievers.  Even then you do want the skin to breathe and air out any odor, 
pets do sweat just like we do and we bathe them much less than we bathe ourselves.  Hope this tip helps 
you plan on how your pets wear clothing this year.  

Item of the Month:
This Month, we have doggles available.  Photos of items we carry here at the groom shop can be found 
at our facebook page, just befriend Dede Croy and click on the photos link.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

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