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December 2009 Newsletter
Merry Christmas Everyone!

To help you with your Holiday Card Sending this year, I have been using this system .  If you'd like to send 2 free cards today, log on and try 
it out.  You'll love it.

December's Special is 2$ off any 14# or larger bag of Earthborn Holistic Pet Food. Stop by the Groom 
Shop and let me help you find the one that works best for your pet:

Like I've mentioned in the last few months, I am NOW Carrying some very warm and fun pet clothing.  
You've got to come by the shop soon to start your Christmas Shopping! I'll attach a couple of my favorites
to this email.  You'll also love the new small pet slings I've gotten and there are many more on their way.

Halloween Costume Party Photos will be available on December 7th.  So stop by and get each photo 
printed for 1$.  Check out:

One last way to save money on many items for all your shopping and for OPC-3 for your pets heart and 
body supplements go to .  You also make money for yourself when you shop.  Get paid to
shop!  There are tons of partner stores that we use everyday, check it out and let them know I referred 
you from .

You can now also find me on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, & TWITTER.  

$5 referral credit goes to those folks who refer friends and family pets for a grooming.  Cash in today.

HOLIDAY PLANNING; If you are taking a vacation for the Holidays and you need a petsitter, please call 
me to reserve your spot. 817-676-1585

Go here for Low Cost Vaccinations:

Story of the month:
You know how much I love grooming right?!  Well I do.  Sometimes a pet comes along that makes you 
smile, laugh, or do all the above.  A moment that comes to mind for my first "story of the month" is a little 
pomeranian that I groom.  She is a doll.  When she comes in, she is a mess.  I mean, her hair is sticking 
out from head to foot.  It simply makes you laugh in a way.  Because when I get done with the groom, she
is a different looking dog.  From mess to lady all in an hour.  She is small enough to fit in your arms.  
Well, as I was grooming her, she insisted in showing me the lady like qualities she has.  I would ask her to
sit and she would.  And I would hold her paw out to trim on top of it, and she would.  And when I had to go 
under he back leg and near her tummy.  She raised and balanced her leg like a ballerina.  (photo 
attached).  My little ballerina.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.

Dede Croy


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