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August 2009 Newsletter
Hello Folks,
Welcome to My Favorite Groomer.  (I send out a mass email once a month only).

Summer is coming close to an end and as it is we are seeing many ear infections.  What to look for:  
yellow or dark red smelly fluid in the ear or chunks of gunk to remove.  Ear infections are smelly and need
to be treated asap.  Most of the time an ear infection comes from stagnant water in the ears from bathing
or a trip to the lake or just being out in the rain.  Treatment for an ear infection averages 175$ at your 
local veterinary office.  Contact me for the right flushing fluid that will help treat your problem as well as 
save you money.

I follow a low cost vaccination clinic on most weekend days and from 9-4 am I'm doing toe nail trims, ear 
cleanings, selling products, anal gland expressions and more.  Come to one of these if you need a 
regular toe nail trim or cheap vaccinations.  The calendar can be found at .

Flea Problems and referrals:
I have everything you need for fleas, stop by for flea collars, flea spray, frontline, flea shampoo, and 
more.  Also, if you have time go to my meetup page and under "message board" there are resolutions 
listed in fighting fleas and what to do in your home for help. I have used 
as my home spraying company for two years, they are great! (let em' know I referred you)

Below are a list of things that are going on at the Groom Salon that you can take advantage:

Aug Special is 1$ off 4$ bottle of pick your own fragrance

On Special in August:  Pick Your Own Fragrance- come in and pick out a fragrance for your pet for the in 
between funkiness.  $4 a bottle and $2 refills makes changing scents monthly easy (Apricot, Powder, and

Bathe-Your-Own-Pet- has become a popular way to get a cheap bath but have hands on fun with your 
pet in our facility.  Leave the mess for us but enjoy a clean smelling dog, make your appointment today.

Join me at  to attend one of the monthly classes.  Adding 
yourself as a member of my group will keep you in the loop of our events and classes.  
You're invited to dinner at the Classic Cafe in Roanoke with other dog lovers on August 4th.  Please 
RSVP at .  There are only 20 slots available.

Quick services offered everyday $10 toe nail trim, $5 ear flushing, $10 anal gland expressions.  

Hair Cut Only Grooms are available for those of your watching your budget or if your pet is a senior 
citizen or facing physical problems.  Bathe your pet at home after the groom and save yourself an 
average of $20.

Petsitting available, call for rates.  

Refer a client and receive $5 off your pets next groom, refer more, get cash back!

Products I am currently carring are: leads and collars collars
And an array of pet beds some locally crafted
Missing link Plus supplement, homeo solutions to anxiety, diapers, training pads, ear and teeth products, 
shampoo, and more.

Lastly, if you are interested in rescuing, adopting, or fostering a pet in need, email me and I'll point you in 
the right direction.  1000's of dogs every day in our local cities are euthanized, let's help find them 
homes.  I work with White Settlement Animal Shelter via to walk dogs when I have time and 
foster as well. Try it out today.

Dede Croy



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