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If you are a groomer, get the larger bottle.  if you do mobile and you have a lot to carry, buy a small and a large and use the large to fill the small bottle and carry around the small bottle.  If you are trying to build a business, buy two and sell one to the client when you are working on a pet that needs it.  Then, come back rebuy the day you sold your inventory item.  Now, you are making money.  The more you buy the more you save.  Email me if you want to buy bulk.  Charge extra if needed as your build your business when you have to use this product vs. a cheaper type of ear cleaner. 


Dede uses this on a cotton ball only and uses it to wipe debris from the ear.

All Sales Final


A highly effective preparation for routine ear cleaning. Recommended for ear odor and debris removal.  Promotes healthy ear tissue. For dogs, cats and puppies

PPP Ear Cleaner with Eucalyptol

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