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8oz bottle of the colors (some are still in 5.3 oz, as they transition to new bottles). Super Black comes in a 2 bottle set of it's own size.  


A Canada Brand but ships from right here in Texas.  Get it faster ordering here in most cases! OPAWZ Permanent Color for your pet. Videos up and coming on how to do this yourself at home, see my YouTube Channel at 

Adorable Pink is the brightest!  And you can get the dilution to dilute it down in color.

Live Hair Color by Micah


Sunset Set is 6 bottles 8oz each.

Rainbow is 12 bottles 8oz each.

12 Bottles any color, we will not send 2 of the same color unless we contact you or you would like 2 of one color.  Please mention in notes section at checkout if you do.


Sometimes Opawz can discontinue a color at any time as well as change bottles and ounces as they are transitioning right now 9/8/23. 


Tips: have your own conditioner or pick some up today here, Foil, if you're doing many small areas, go get a bundle at your local grocery store, Towel to place under your pet (it will stain). I  recommend clean, prepped, not matted, dry hair to apply the color to.  If you get the color in other places it may stain unless you plan on trimming it off (plan ahead), so be careful on application and foil up asap.  When waiting the 15 or 30 minute sit time for color to hold to the hair stay with the pet. If you have a pet that moves a lot prepare or do not attempt.  Do not let pet eat, lick, or be unattended.  After the waiting period, rinse off.  Again, it can stain your tub.  Be prepared and contact manufacturer of the product with issues.  Always be away that skin issues can arise if you do not do a spot check before hand.  If the pet is not white, you will need to dye the hair lighter to get the color to take. I am not carrying that type of dye at this time.  I am teaching dye on white or light color animals.  Unless you are investing in all the dyes, I recommend this for already light colored dogs unless you are experienced.  Use a toothbrush or buy my prep kit that will have what you need, or add a toothbrush here. 


Isolation cream applied around the area you are going to permanently dye so to not bleed color.  Conditioner should allow the color to rinse off where you didn't want color to be.  

Diluation cream is to dilute a color that is bright to a softer color tone.


Dede's starter kit is added to your cart after you added your colors already. This will come with 8 sheets of aluminum foil already cut to size to fit around one area, gloves, tooth brush to apply if you are doing a smaller area, small plastic mixing bowl, a white towel to lay down on the table under the pet (Dede chooses white so that you can paint a white towel colorful too, how fun), a plastic clear trash bag to use to cover your table, if not large enough, cut wide open on the sides and tape under neath. Having a table, groom loop and table arm, or a table and order the groom arm to put on your own table as long as it has a lip will possibly help you to keep your pet still, keep in mind, this is messy, so whatever you plan on using to apply and rinse your pet, imagine everything turns colors, your kitchen sink etc.  


I did not make this dye, if you are having any issues, please contact a veterinarian or the manufacturer of the product.  All Sales Final.  Apply at your own risk.

Free shipping over $100.

International orders may or may not apply.


Local delivery free for orders of subtotal of product over $300.


Cash payment for local orders get $5 off or pay online for local pickup and we will deliver if product subtotal reaches $300. 


Otherwise, delivery fee applies based on location.

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