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Dede received one of these at Superzoo many years ago. One package has 4 pieces in it. She never thought she would use it.  But, one day, she needed it for a super dooper tiny dogs paw.  It was perfect.  It didn't slip off, it sealed tightly, and pet parent loved it.  She recommends having these on hand for emergency's or for when your pet parent client has a foot injury or issue.  Dede is not a Veterinarian.  All Sales Final.  It's best to be prepared and Dede loves this product.  To get a kit of all types she carry's check the Groomer Kit Section of our website.  All Sales Final.  This company mandates prices, so if you see something cheaper, it is not allowed and you can let me know so I can share that information with Pawflex as I order direct from Pawflex.

Foot Bandage - Medimitt - Pawflex

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