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This is and will be a cheap model.  COLOR VARIES, STYLE VARIES, IT'S WHAT EVER CHEAP ONE I CAN GET FOR YOU. It is always changing, sometimes comes with a plastic knob that can break.  Comes as a short arm, so Dede only recommends for small dogs.  It may not last very long, but you are ordering this because this doesn't bother you and you don't care, you just want Cheap.  If you don't want CHEAP, then choose a different arm Dede has listed.  But, this listing is for folks who just want CHEAP.  You do get what you pay for in all tools you buy cheap.  Basically, plan to rebuy when it breaks.  Dede doesn't think like this, but many people do.  This listing may not be for you, so it's ok, look at the other arms that are NOT cheap.  All Sales Final.  

Grooming Table Arm - READ AD - any color

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