This is booked if you want Dede to answer your question and it's a priority.  If you have a question that is even answerable via a message.  If you need to book the phone consultation, please do that.  I get 100's of emails with questions, and I don't have the time to answer every single message.  So, if your question is really important to you and you DO want me to answer it, then here is a low cost way to support my business, gain knowledge, and value my time.  One order per question.  You may or may not like my answer, but at least you get my thoughts on the subject.  The answer I give is my own opinion.  I am not a Veterinarian.  If you have a question that is long and takes more than 5 minutes to answer, I will give you a short answer and refer you to book the phone coaching.  I don't get my time back.  Value my time as I value yours.  Thank you, Dede.  No refunds.  All Sales Final. This 

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