Andis has been closed due to COVID19 and we just got these in stock!  They will ship Monday August 3, 2020 LIMITED SUPPLY OF THESE! and a GREAT special with 2 extra blades! 2019 Andis has discontinued PURPLE AND GREEN COLORS - so what we have in those colors will be ALL that we have. The andis 5 speed is a Lightweight, five-speed rotary motor provides more control - up to 4,500 strokes per minute. When comparing, ensure it's the same by looking at detail of the motor.•Detachable blade design for easy cleaning and greater versatility from a wide range of blade choices•Perfect for all coats and breeds•Soft-grip design for comfort and sure handling•CeramicEdge® blade stays up to 75% cooler than steel, provides increased durability and a long-lasting edge Light weight 5 speed motor 4500 SPMComes with #10 Ceramic edge BladeNew Spring Green Color.Excel 5-speed, detachable blade clipper includes: A powerful rotary motor clipper for complete animal grooming. Variable 5-speed clipping - use lower speeds for cooler running and clipping around sensitive areas, and higher speeds for a prettier coat finish and clipping body coat.

Andis 5 speed clipper + two blades (FIVE SPEED)