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March 2010 Newsletter
March Special is free organic flea shampoo for all pets.  

You can now also find me on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, & TWITTER.  I use Facebook daily; tips, videos, 
events, and more can be found there.

$5 referral credit goes to those folks who refer friends and family pets for a grooming.  Cash in today.

Go here for Low Cost Vaccinations:

Just added a Free Groom link to my website, check out the details on  It 
gives folks that are in a hard spot the opportunity to qualify for the monthly free groom.  I’d like to be 
there for you and your pets even when it’s hard.  Pass that on to someone you know needs pet help. 
Another alternative is the low cost shave only grooms.

I am taking votes on store hours.  Please let me know what you would like to see.  Day, Night, Mid Day 
hours, 1x per week or up to 3x per week.  Email me your answer to help me decide.  Thank you.

Story of the month involves two Cocker Spaniels I groomed tonight.  Their rescue mom contacted me.  
She works with West Side Animal League taking in doggies that need a special place to get ready for 
their new home.  The call was in regards to a situation that involved two senior cocker spaniels that were 
in dire need of grooming.  I told mom I would try to keep the cost down as much as I could so we could get 
here babies groomed.  There were other issues but I told her since I do a one hour groom session, no 
worries, that they could still come in and we'd be done quickly.  I must say, when they came in for 
grooming, I put my hands around their body and skirt and head.  They both let me touch them without 
hesitation.  Chessie and Blondie were their names.  But, they were a mess.  Blondie didn't seem to be too
matted.  But, Chessie had more knots to deal with.  We ended up giving Blondie a cocker spaniel hair cut 
and I saved every part of her skirt and legs I could. With Chessie there was no hope.  I started out leaving
a skirt on her coat.  But, I ended up having to shave it all off because the knots were too large to 
conceal.  The tinted red on her coat (she's the dark one) was so bad it was there from stains after a long 
time of being passed around home to home.  Personally, the coat was in way better shape getting it off 
and giving her skin air to breathe.  They both passed a bit of gas while I groomed them, which I thought 
was hilarious.  Chassie had a major ear infection going on.  But, we did everything for them, grooming, 
nail clipping, ear flushing, and bath.  While I was grooming Chessie, should stood still but kept looking 
backwards.  I finally realized she wanted to look at Blondie in the cage while I groomed her.  So, I turned 
the table around for her.  Then, she stood as still as a dime.  When I groomed Blondie, she faced 
Chessie just the same.  They definitely share an extreme bond.  Blondie kept leaning in an awkward side 
stance, bowing her head a little, and gave me this adorable look.  She gave me several kisses too.  And 
at that moment, realizing their senior age, I just wished I could scoop them up and take em' home.  
Blondie continued to be a doll.  She let me brush her teeth where I found big gaps in them from the 
rotting of them.  Poor thing.  Then, when I was all done with them both, I finished up brushing Chessie's 
teeth and when I put the toothbrush down, Blondie picked up the toothbrush and took it away.  I fell in 
love with these two doggies.  Their hearts are full of love.  I hope this story sends you some tickles.  And 
if you know anyone looking for two senior cocker spaniels or you might have some space for little lovers 
like these girls, please contact me.  I will connect you with their rescue mom.  I would hope that these two
girls go together, because I think now, they need each other so very much.  

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer, I'm so glad you're here.


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