This is for the Elite Fans. The Elite Shopper. The Elite Supporter. 


This is a YEARLY membership.  It will expire one year from date of purchase at midnight.  You will need to renew it again yearly. It will not renew automatically.  

It will include one key chain.  

It will include one Facetime LIVE grooming event for you and only you.

It will include free shipping on all packages you order.  This begins after you join the membership.  Any earlier packages bought, the shipping is not refunded.  When you make a purchase after you become a My Favorite Groomer LLC Member, you will buy as you normally do, pay the shipping, and shipping will be refunded back. 

It will include one ten minute phone call from Dede Croy. 

There will be new perks that pop up that you will get access to right away.


All Sales Are Final - No Returns or Prorations. 

This membership is separate than the YouTube Membership to the Actual YouTube Channel.  YouTube manages that, My Favorite Groomer LLC does not.