Working with the groomer. This is a package deal. You fly into DFW. We pick you up (if our schedule allows). You have your own housing. I can give you an airbnb code or refer you to a place to stay, we have an airbnb. We will deliver you back to the airport (if our schedule allows). You work along side Dede and David. Daily hours can vary 4-12 hour shifts. You must work along with us. You will have hands on training. You can take notes. You can gain all exposure to our work and expertise. You will receive 10% off any supplies you buy when you are here. Working as a helper during a regular routine schedule. You bring your own tools as needed. Once we have confirmed dates there are NO REFUNDS. Contact us first and then pay for this program. This is a flat rate for 1 day. If you want to stay longer please call for a separate rate. Check local rates for rental car. Check with us first if you need help with any part of your stay. We may be able to help. Or you can use lyft or uber and we have codes for this too. You would want to take advantage of what Dallas Fort Worth have to offer while you're here.

Work with the Groomer - One Day