You give me the option to set up this kit with the most popular items on it.  All Sales Final! Oils are expensive, so being able to have a baby starter kit can help you get started.  To use the little bottle, tap the back of the bottle to get a drop of fluid into your palm or into your diffuser.  This will help.  Also, instead of getting a plastic top remover, if you ever want to refill your bottle, use a slender tool to pop the white clear plastic piece out using the hole it already has in it.  Tips Dede learned, don't put oregano on your skin without diluting with fractionated coconut oil, which she can get for you, or you can find in your local super markets in most places.  Don't get oil in your eye, if you do, use basic cooking oil or fractionated coconut oil to pour in your eye to have the oil blend with the oil and rinse you fast.  NOT WATER.  Using oils can cause injury if you don't know what you're doing.  These are just tips on how Dede has used them on and for her.  Take liability for using for yourself.  Dede is not liable for misuse.  Dede is not a doctor of any kind.  

Tiny Doterra Kit for Beginners that follow Dede's lead with a briefing