This is for ONE DogUp Mini Large.  It is in the making.  It is not on the market yet.  We need 100 orders to bring it to print.  It may come in other colors.  We have not firmed up color choices yet.  It is a perfect addition to the DogUp Stand Line when you need one softer than the DogUp Stand small.  ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS. Preordering is a way to raise money to print the first batch as it can be expensive to produce products with many variations.  We tested the item on our YouTube channel and Dede loves it.  But, as you may know, inventing and producing is expensive, and even more expensive when we keep it "Made in the USA!"  Supporting us is greatly appreciated.  Thank you. Dede.  


Made in Virginia!  

 Thank you for supporting a Made in America product by a military family!




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