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Dede loves these, they are cute and soft and helpful. For pets with bad joints and walking slipperly, these really help! With the padding on the bottom of the sock, she finds it can be a useful tool for your pets to prevent slipping and sliding.  From wound protection, allergens from outdoors, senior pet care, arthritis, slippery floors, to protect hardwood floors, fashion, and just being way easier than dog shoes, to keep paws warm, this is a great addition to your pets needs. All Sales Final.

Pink face to face is more light than hot pink like it looks in the picture.




XXS average LESS than 12 #'s

XS average for 12-25 #'s

SM average for 25-45 #'s

Medium average for 40-70 #'s

Large average for 75-95 #'s

XL average for 95-130 #'s


Grey Hound or Standard Poodle Medium average for 45-75 #'s

Grey Hound or Standard Poodle Large average for 70-90 #'s


The Cutest Socks EVER!

$25.99 Regular Price
$18.19Sale Price
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