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This online listing is to reserve a time and or date for your pet.  Per Pet.  You may email me first to make sure we have all we need to allow your pet to come to board with us. or text at 817-676-1585.  We will need to see DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies to move forward with holding a reservation and then I will send you here to make a deposit.  All boarding reservation fees for petsitting are paid the day of drop off.  Any excess charges are billed and paid for on pickup.


We offer boarding for your pets. Just like at a local veterinarian (which I've seen first hand), your pet will have it's own kennel.  The biggest difference is, there is someone overnight for the kenneled dogs alone.  We pride ourselves in treating pets as our own and I would never let my dogs be petsat at a place where they had to wait 12 hours for the next staff member to show up for a potty break.  We also pride ourselves on cleanliness.  You will be coming to a business location.   I work with pets everyday.  Your pet will have a large gated patio area to run in as well as, if given permission, allowed to leash walk around our complex.  Aggressive dogs, jumpers, and more wild dogs may not be walked, for their safety and the staffs safety.  We don't want your pet running away while you're gone.  Our facility is clean & equipped w/ hard floors.   All pets must be vaccinated and show a current flea preventative or one will be given.  Please let us know in advance if your pet has a potty issue requiring more clean ups due to health or training.  Please let us know if your pet is a constant kennel barker.  These two scenarios doesn't mean we can't help, it just means your pup needs more staff time and the rate may be higher than another pet that is more obedient.  

Rates can be discussed on a case by case basis; senior pets with higher care needs and puppies with higher care needs. All pets must be vaccinated with dhpp, bordetella, and rabies to stay in our facility. In order to book these documents must be seen prior. If you do not have a receipt of flea preventative, one will be given and billed to you on the day of arrival.

About the Owner: I'm a Pet Salon Owner and USAF Veteran.  I finished college with a BS in International Business.  I love animals and my niche is working with aggressive, senior, and disabled dogs. I have owned My Favorite Groomer since 2005.  Therefore, I have been petsitting since 2005. I have been grooming since 2003. I have had pets all my life. I grew up with pets.  I have worked with many Veterinarians and know many health problems about pets; I specialize in hard to handle, senior, and disabled pets within my salon and feel comfortable in most pet situations where others wouldn't. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my services. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

When you bring your pet in for boarding. My staff and I will check you in. You may be asked to drop off or pickup during regular business hours which may affect your rate. Your pet size may incur a different rate. 0-30#, 31#-50#, 51#-75# and, if we can accommodate a larger pet, a size fee may apply for 76# and up too.  There will be someone with your pet in our facility. We groom pets here as well as petsit. Grooming may or may not be available for your pets stay. Grooming rates may fluctuate based on the pet, the size, the hair, matted, not matted, if fleas are found, and more. Any costs incurred and agreed to on services may be added to your pickup bill, examples are food charges if you don't provide your own pets food, we prefer you bring your own pet food. To prevent spread of any unwanted pests, all bedding from home is not allowed. Someone will walk your pet more than regularly as well as feed, provide water, and give the care of loving your pet in the safest manner we can while you're away.

Your pet will be walked or run in the enclosed patio area, on average every 2-4 hours, except the sleep time through the evening.  Someone will be here for overnights while your pet is here. This care is unheard of!   Someone will take the time at no extra charge to walk your pet if allowable.  We do not risk walking pets outside the enclosed patio unless we can predict your pets intentions.  (no bookers etc).

Your pet will have one on one time with staff to balance out time kenneled and walked.  We do acknowledge the time a pet is kenneled and try to give balance in their time with us in all we do.

I would like to know if your pet is a chewer, urinates excessively inside, pees when approached, is a biter, has any medical needs and is on any meds, and if your dog has separation anxiety that may mean the pet barks the entire time you are gone.

NonRefundable Boarding Deposit To Make Reservation

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