Surprise gift box.  Please be sure to include your favorites in the note section of your check out. Thank you so much, receiving this gift box is filled with surprise. Orders are based on how much you spend. ALL SALES FINAL.  If you are unhappy with a gift or it doesn't fit perfectly, regift to a friend or family member.   


Copy and paste this and paste with answers in the note section of your checkout or email me after your order and put your name in the email:

Favorite flavor / food / candy:

Favorite colors:

Pet Owner?

Pet Groomer?

Pet Business Owner?

Sensitive tummy:

Wrist Measurement:

Waist measurement? (S,M,Large)?

Around neck measurement? 

Head size-xs, sm, med, large, xl?

Prescription glasses? Yes or No?

Love or hate the cold?

Love or hate outdoors ?


Year you were born?

Male or Female?

Disabilities (blind, deaf, etc.)?

Favorite thing to eat?

Favorite thing to do?

I wish.......?

Shoe size?


Small, Medium, Large, 1xl, 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, 5xl size? 


Birthday upcharge is a gift on or about your next birthday.



Monthly Human Gift Box

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